As some of you know, my sister is Deborah and so the story of Deborah shouldn’t be new to me right? Ah Ahn! No.

I have heard about Deborah being a judge in Israel. However, I had never taken my time to intentionally read up and study about her. Few months ago as I studied the book of Judges, I fell in love with this woman and in turn, I blessed God for the life of another Deborah I knew – My Glorified sister.

So we all know the background story of how God kept raising up leaders in Israel whenever they cried out to God for help after they realized their evil ways. So at this time Ehud and Shamgar had saved them but after Ehud died, they went back to their old ways.

Now the leader at this time was both a Prophetess and Judge (What an unusual combination) and she sent for and gave the message of God to Barak – the man on the next mission to save and deliver Israel from their oppressors; but as recorded in scriptures, Barak (permit me to say this) didn’t believe in himself or was afraid because his response was kind of weird in a way. He literally said that if Deborah goes with him, he will go; but if she doesn’t he won’t. Well, we all know the outcome. Read up on the story later as our focus here is on this biblical character – Deborah.

As I write this, I still have the expression I had when I first read it. Hey!!! Oh God, make me a woman whose presence and opinion is so important. (Don’t worry, we’ll pray on that in a moment.)

As in, Barak was not going to go without Deborah. Hey! Hey!! Her words weren’t just enough, her presence was important. This led me to a place of inward reflection. I literally had a time of Q & A with myself.

Can people bring their matter to you because you will handle it fairly and impartially?

Can people trust your leadership to a point of believing that your presence has a great role to play in their lives?


Not everyone has to be a Judge as well as a Prophetess but being a person whose words matter and can be trusted is great.

1. Lord, reveal to me what I need to change, work on or develop in my life that will make me a unique voice of reason in my marriage, my home, my family, among my friends, where I work and in my community.

Deborah was so in sync with God that she knew the right time Barak and the Men who marched were to attack. We see this in verse 14 – “Then Deborah said to Barak, “Now is the time for action! The Lord leads on! He has already delivered Sisera into your hand!” So Barak led his ten thousand men down the slopes of Mount Tabor into battle.” (TLB Version)

2. Lord make me a woman who can speak your mind per time. I declare today that I will be in constant sync with Heaven. When my family needs a word from God, They will come to me and not be disappointed.

This particular prayer point, I don’t know how to write it down the exact way it is in my spirit. But I will try and I pray the Holy Spirit expounds it to you.

3. Lord, I declare today upon this Altar that every decision by my husband, children, family, friends and colleagues will pass through me because my opinion is extremely important. I [your name] will be the influence that brings about a victory. I [your name] will be searched for because my word and presence play an important role in the outcome.

I will be known to be fair and impartial. I refuse to be that believer whose words hold no water and can’t be trusted.

Did you notice that the status of Deborah was mentioned.? She was the WIFE of Lappidoth. She was in the same circle as you and I – She was a wife. Sometimes, do you ask yourself why some details are mentioned in scriptures? Well, this shows us that in as much as she was both a Judge (career) and Prophetess (ministerial calling), she still thrived in her role as a wife as in other roles.

4. Lord, as I juggle and succeed in my career, business, ministry and all; may I not fail in my role as a wife – a helpmeet to my husband. [your name], I declare today that you are only permitted under the authority of God to succeed in all roles.

I won’t end this devotional without mentioning the man Lappidoth. I believe that the man supported his wife. How would she have been successful without the support of her husband? He was indeed a blessed man. The world is filled with men who wants a godly beauty and brain for a wife; but few who wants to support.

5. I declare today that you, [husband’s name] will always be a strong support system to me as I navigate between being your wife, mother, an architect, and business women [mention your other roles aside wife].

For Singles, you’ll want to ask God to give you the man that he has commissioned to support you through life as you play your many roles.

Lastly, Lord, I refuse to be an ingrate. As you use me in my many roles, I will always return with a heart of gratitude. I will be a source of peace in my home, family, work and community.

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Hello, I'm Phebe! (Pronounced "fee bee") My friends call me Phebs or Phebet! I wear many hats (Wife, Mom, Architect, Designer, Business owner and so on) and I try to blend them beautifully by God’s Grace.

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