DAY 6 – THE HEBREW WOMEN IN EGYPT (Exodus 1:17-20, 2:1-10)

The women we are studying about today played their various roles beautifully in fulfilling God’s future plan to rescue the Israelites from Egypt.

First are the Hebrew Midwives – Shiphrah and Puah. We all know their story. The midwives who didn’t follow the King’s instruction to kill the Hebrew male children as soon as they were born. The fear of God in them made them not to obey Pharaoh and instead let the baby boys live.

Now, take a journey with me into my imaginative world. “Assuming we all are midwives and there is such an instruction given, will you do it?”
Don’t be quick to answer me, Let it be a self reflective question.

Second is Jochebed – Moses’ mother. At the time Moses was born, Pharaoh had moved on to his plan B – drowning of the male children in the Nile; when his plan A which was killing the newborn boys didn’t yield results. Now here is Moses, a handsome boy and Mama couldn’t imagine him drowned. Quickly she acted by hiding him. (how she successfully did it is something I’ll find for another day) However, she soon realized she could no more hide him and so she decided to let him go. Interesting thing is that He was at the same Nile. (again, topic for another time)

Third here is Mariam – Moses’ big sister. Big Sister kept watch on the basket which had little baby brother. She was the there when Pharaoh’s daughter found Moses. One thing that stands out to me is that immediately Mariam heard the Princess say, “this is a Hebrew child.” She asked if she should go get a Hebrew woman to nurse the baby. And the princess said yes. At this point the baby Moses who was let go, returned back to not just any Hebrew woman but his own Mom but this time by royal request to nurse him.

Sometimes in our bid to hold on to something, we end up losing it. If Moses had stayed, one extra day later at home, who knows he would have been found and drowned in the Nile.

Many times, when we let go of what we hold onto and let God, it comes back better.


I am sure that Shiphrah and Puah were ready for whatever consequences the King was going to mete if they were caught; but to them, the fear of God was much bigger than any instructions that violated their belief.

1. Father, I CHOOSE YOU FIRST! When I am faced with the choice of obeying you or obeying the evil instruction of a leader at home, at work, in my community and anywhere; FATHER, I CHOOSE YOU. Psalm 25:12 says you show the best way to the person who fears the Lord. If it is against the word of God, I choose you first and I believe that you will show me the best way always.

No mother wants their child drowned so it was only natural for Jochebed to hide Moses. However, when Plan A was up, She swung into plan B. I want to believe, she trusted God to keep her child.

2. Dear Lord, before I run out of option 1, Set before me the guidelines and instructions for option 2. As I do as instructed and play my part, help me to trust you to come in and do your part.

Now Moses’ basket could have been kept anywhere on the Nile. However, it was placed in a rather unique place – by the tall trees at the edge of the river. Location play an important role in God’s agenda. Moses’ basket was nicely located in the area where anyone who was to take a bath would naturally go to – behind tall trees.

3. Father, I decree today that I will always be located at the exact path of He/She/They that will help me, make a change in my life and deliver me from every planned destruction.

I mentioned earlier that Mariam didn’t wait for a question to be asked. She asked the question that already had an answer. There are times that we need to ask the question because we already know the answer. If Mariam had not asked, it was likely that the Princess would have told her maidens to go get her a Hebrew woman and any Hebrew woman would have been given the job. Mariam’s singular action made Moses return back to his Mom to care properly for him based on a royal request.

4. Lord, may I not be far from where my helper is. Before they open their mouth to make their request, reveal to me the thoughts of their heart and put upon my lips the right question to ask. Even if my first instinct is to stay Silent, push the words out of my mouth quickly.

5. Lord help me know when to let go of what I am holding on to, to give room for what is coming my way.

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