DAY 7 – THE WOMEN BEHIND THE SCENE (Judges 13:2-14, Exodus 4:24-26)

There are so many women who work behind the scene in scriptures. While they are not main characters or have books in their name like Esther and Ruth, the part they played were too important not to mention. That’s why we have them mentioned in scriptures. These women, let me put it in modern day terms, are not celebrities.

Heard of Manoah’s wife? Heard of Zipporah? If you haven’t, I know you’ve heard of Samson and Moses. The Former is Samson’s mother and the latter is Moses’ wife.

What was Zipporah’s story? Her quick action in circumcising her younger son saved Moses’ life.

I want to believe that the whole burning bush and going back to Egypt experience and conversation that Moses and God had sort of made Moses forget to circumcise their younger son. Now circumcision is a command of God to his people and so with Moses not doing that, he sinned against God. Now this is one some will refer to as the sin by omission. If you are like me, you will say, “But God was sending him to go deliver his people. How come God was also going to kill him? How will he deliver the Israelites if God killed him?” Well, God doesn’t tolerate sin whatsoever. Irrespective of who commits it. Zipporah’s quick action caused God to spare Moses’ life. Zipporah saved her husband from destruction.

Monoah’s wife on the other hand brings to us lessons of great belief in God and sacrifice. She didn’t have a child and when the angel of God visited her to let her know she would be having a child which was going to be a Nazirite, she believed immediately and was ready to do as God commanded. She didn’t raise any objection or refute the instruction. She received it with great faith.

I must mention that the Nazarite vow was usually done for a short period, but in Manoah’s wife’s case, it was first for 9months then for years after Samson was born.

Wondering what the Nazirite Vow is? Read up on it in Numbers 6.


I don’t know how long Manoah’s wife had been barren but I want to believe she must have prayed severally for a child. And to now have an angel visit her and tell her she would have a child and she didn’t argue or ask questions is not something many women would do. If we have longed for something for so long and someone comes to tell us God said we will have it, we will first ask when? Then how? And many more questions.

1. Lord, it can be hard sometimes to believe when you say we will have what we really want, especially if we have wanted it for a long time and didn’t have it. Today I pray that I would believe and have faith when you say you are fulfilling my heart’s desire. Take away every form of doubt from me and fill me with faith that can move mountains.

Sometimes, what God calls us to do, even though it won’t kill us can be hard to do. Samson’s mother was going to do something usually done for a short time for a long time. Now this was with little to no preparation. She had to embark on the Nazirite vow almost immediately. If it were you and I, we would ask God for time to prepare. Another thing is that I am sure she wasn’t the only barren woman in the land. However, I am sure God saw her as the only barren woman who would obey and adhere to his instructions completely.

2. Lord, find me worthy to carry out your assignments. I pray Lord today that no matter how hard the assignment is, you will give me the grace to obey you completely. I decree Lord today that I will not be a disappointment to you.

Samson was to be a Nazirite from birth. So this means Mama Samson and Mr. Manoah had to be Nazirite too. What Samson could not eat or come near could not be in the house if they must truly carry out God’s instruction to the letter.

3. Lord, help me recognize the path you have called me/[Husband’s name]/[Child(ren)’s name] to follow. Whatever I need to do to ensure total obedience from me/[Husband’s name]/[Child(ren)’s name], help me to do it for as long as I should.

Usually its the man that performs the circumcision. This mean it was Moses’ responsibility to circumcise his younger son. However, Zipporah seeing that God was about to kill her husband didn’t wait for the traditional way; but instead swung into action, circumcising the boy and in turn saving her husband’s life.

4. Lord, help me to be alert and quick. When I need to take action or make a decision, give me extra quick reflexes that don’t wait for traditions and cultures; but instead will make the right call and decision without delay.

It’s good to think things through. However, sometimes we need to act without thinking.

5. Lord, help me to know when to think and when to act. May I not act when I need to think and think when I need to act. When I don’t know the difference Lord, make the call on my behalf.

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