Yeey!!! Look who we have here. QUEEN ESTHER.

I haven’t met any young girl yet who didn’t want to be like Esther. In fact, I know many ladies who were named Esther simply after the Biblical character. I love Esther. I just love her. The book of Esther is one book I read completely at a go.

I know we all know the story of Esther and how she became queen. In fact, if I don’t give you any prayer pointers, I am sure you will find more than enough things to pray about before you get to the end of the book of Esther.

As I read from chapter one on to chapter two, the beginning for Esther is when the person in charge of the women took a liking to her. Come to think of it. He was in charge of the women so definitely he has come across all types of women. Short, tall, chubby, slim, dark, light, you name it. However, the Bible records that He liked Esther and took special interest in her, quickly provided her with her cosmetics, (I love the way The Message puts this one) Ordered special food for her, gave her seven of the best maids and gave her the best room. Come on! Come on!!

Let me not even begin to take you on a descriptive journey of my imagination of that whole scenario.


Being a Jew meant that Esther was brought up in the ways of Yahweh – The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I believe that Esther knew God personally too such that she exuded the presence of God. Else, how do we justify Esther being liked of all the many young women that were in the palace for the same purpose as she?

1. Lord everywhere I go, whether I am alone or in the midst of other people; let your presence in my life single me out. I declare Lord today that I stand out. I am given special attention and privileges. I am given the best when good things are been given. Even though what I need is available, A special order is made for me.

Every girl went to see the King with something. She had the choice to select whatever she wanted. I can imagine there were gold, diamonds, pearls, and all sort of great treasures; and If you and I were in such time, perhaps, we would have gone for the most sophisticated to showcase ourselves. In Esther’s case, she didn’t just pick anything. Even though I am sure that if she had asked for something custom made, Hegai would have obliged. Instead she took what Hegai recommended. Did you get it? Hegai has been in the palace long enough to know what was best to take along. Sometimes, we look down and neglect the subtle recommendations of those who know better than us because they are in a position that is not (let’s say) “BIG”

2. Lord, help me choose humility and contentment over the need to show. I declare today that I will be humble to inquire the advise or recommendation of they that know better than me even if they are my junior or subordinate. The bible says, “pride comes before disaster but humility comes before respect.” I declare that I will not for a moment of public applause throwaway the lifetime of respect that being humble brings.

Now Esther was Queen but the Bible recorded that she still did what Mordecai told her. Have you thrown away all you learnt now that you are married? Some of us were on fire for the Lord before marriage and now we can’t even find the sticks to make a fire.

3. Lord I confess [Mention them] and I ask for your mercy today. Let there be an outpouring of your spirit upon me. As I remember how it all was, take me back Lord as I start all over. I receive the grace not to take my hands out of yours as I go through life.

If you are yet to know the Lord and accept Him as your Lord and Saviour, please do confess all your sins to Him and ask Him to come take his rightful place in your heart. He wants to but you need to give Him the go-ahead.

So it happened that Mr. Haman’s request for the massacre of the Jews was granted and Esther got to know about it. Without going into details of the story, what stands out to me is that it was Esther’s maids and eunuchs that brought the information to her. It was also one of the Eunuch that was the messenger to and from Mordecai. We even see her saying she and her maids would fast. This points to the fact that the maids were believers but I don’t think Jewish. Esther’s life must have drawn them to God. How many people who work for you or with you want to serve the God you claim to serve?

4. Lord, I will be a representative of you. Your presence in my life which has made me a changed woman would make those around me want to know you. I declare today that my life will be a complete reflection of who you are and my attitude will show the way of Christ to others.

Lastly, Timing. Timing!!! In God’s government, timing is key. Esther found favour before the King and had the opportunity to ask for anything she wanted even if it was half of the Kingdom. Well, one would have expected her to just report Haman but nope. She waited for the right time to make her request which led to other requests for her people.

5. Lord, put within my heart the understanding of the times. Help me not to be in a haste to see results that I speak at the wrong time and lose my opportunity. No matter how desperate I am, help me to learn and practice patience too.

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