When I wrote down all the names of the women we will study and learn from, I didn’t take note that the two women with books of their own in the Bible were back to back till I had to write out my drafts. I believe God has something interesting for us.

Ruth is a woman who trusted a God she didn’t know by virtue of trusting a woman she knew. The only time there was a mention of Ruth’s mother was when Naomi encouraged her and Orpah to go back to their mother’s house as she prepared to return to her people.

Looking at Ruth and Naomi, there are too much to glean from this mother and daughter duo. Ruth lived for over ten years with Naomi and that was enough for her to decide to go with Naomi, make the God of Naomi her God and Naomi’s people her people. The modern day person would be wondering what type of spell Ruth must have come under.

How have your life as a Christian Woman and Wife influenced the decision of those closest to you?


Sometimes, God plants people in our lives who become instrumental in our development or growth. Naomi came into Ruth’s life through marriage to her son. However, it was obvious from Ruth’s action that Naomi affected her in a way that she was ready and in fact she chose to leave her family and relatives to follow Naomi to a land she didn’t know and become part of a people she didn’t know too.

1. Lord, plant women and men of great positive influence in my life. When I come in contact with them, open my eyes to recognize them immediately and become acquainted with them without delay.

Upon arriving at Bethlehem, it was the harvest period. Ruth didn’t know anybody but Naomi yet she went out to get food that she and Naomi will eat. Ruth took the initiative to sort out their food problem by going out to glean.

2. Lord, put within me the ability to take initiatives to do things that will support my husband, my children, my family and those around me. Make me a provider in my family. Open my eyes to see what we lack and help me to make plans towards it’s provision,

Ruth’s dedication to the gleaning landed her in the field of Boaz (One who will later become her husband) That day, Boaz came to the field and noticed Ruth. He noticed her and he didn’t just notice and walk away. He asked who she was.

3. Lord, as I consistently work hard to be better at what I do or be a better woman in general, lead me to the place where the one who will bring about my breakthrough is positioned. And Lord when I am there, open their eyes to notice me.

So Boaz asked who she was and the foreman told him who she was; but he didn’t stop there. He went on to share how she had been working (gleaning) from morning till evening without taking a break. Sometimes we think our hard work isn’t noticed and we may want to pull the plug. Hey!!! Before you do, let’s pray this:

4. Lord raise reporters on my case. When they are asked questions, cause them to give more and more answers, relevant answers that will move the mind and hand of my helper.

Lastly, even though I feel like going on and on on lessons drawn from this wonderful book; I can imagine Ruth wasn’t the only one gleaning. I am sure there were others. But you see the issue of being singled out has seem to be consistent with some women we have studied about.

5. Lord, put your mark upon me that singles me out everywhere I go or find myself for good. I declare that people will look on me and be drawn to me. They will look on me and instruct people to assist and help me.

I just couldn’t help but give this extra pointer. Ruth got home and showed what she got to Naomi and told her about all that happened. We can say Ruth went to share her testimony to Naomi. Do you tell of God’s wonders in your life or you just keep it to yourself? It was in Ruth’s sharing that one thing led to another.

6. Lord, when you so bless me, help me to always return with thanksgiving and recounting of your blessings. And Lord, as I praise you for what you’ve done, open the heavens and overflow me with even more.

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