The woman in today’s study is one that Dad told us about some years ago. Anytime I read these verses, I always remember Dad’s words as clear as it was the day he expounded this portion of scripture.

As I prepared for this challenge, I bless God for the new meaning this scripture brought to light.

This woman’s husband was one of the prophets under Elisha. The husband died and left her with debt and the debtor was about to come pick up her children to become slaves.

In recent times, one would have run to family and friends to raise such money and if possible borrow to pay off the debt. However, this woman’s attitude here surprised me. She didn’t go to her family members but went to her husband’s leader or boss.

And her story changed for good. – Please read up the story.


This widow knew that the man of God was the only one that could help her. I am sure she knew of the miracles Elisha had done and even more, her husband must have spoken so much of Elisha. Who is your first choice when challenges come? I can’t remember when exactly but I know in the past, I often went to family and friends with my challenges first and left asking God as last option. Do you find yourselves doing this too?

1. Lord, I acknowledge your greatness and I know there is nothing you cannot do. I am sorry for all the times I left you as last option. From today Lord, you are my first option.

The beautiful thing about coming to God first is that it is God that convicts the heart of the man that will help you. Most times you hear them say, I don’t know why but I just needed to do it to have peace.

2. Lord when challenges come, big and small, lead me to the one who you have prepared to help me. In the midst of my running about due to my confusion, let my running around land me in front of my benefactor in Jesus Name.

Elisha asked what she had and her first response was nothing. Then she remembered she had oil. (As in, what concerns cooking oil with paying debt?) But hey, that was all she needed. Sometimes, in front of your benefactor, you are asked what do you do and because you don’t have a “white collar” job, you say nothing. Meanwhile, you are good in let’s say cooking, writing, reading etc.

3. Lord, at the point of my impromptu interview remind me of the seemingly insignificant talents and gifts you have planted in me.

So there was oil and Elisha’s next instruction to her was to go and borrow containers from her neighbors. He said “not just a few – all you can get.” Then He gave her the guide on how to perform this miracle of multiplication. Note that she didn’t ask questions but left to do as instructed. At this point, one very important point Dad shared that day was that she had good neighborliness. Also if you read on, you’ll find that Elisha told her to lock the door with she and her sons inside. What do you pick from this? Not everything is meant to be public. That, we could call in present times, was her secret weapon.

4. Lord, when you give me the weirdest of instructions to carry out, give me the grace to trust you completely. Reveal to me attitudes that I need to change to maintain a good interpersonal relationship with those around me. Also Lord, I receive a seal over my mouth and my actions regarding that which is meant to be my secret weapon of operation.

Now the interesting part is that she was instructed to sell the oil, pay off the debts and live on what’s left. Did you see what’s happening here? Elisha gave her a business. If she had gone to family and friends, they would have given her maybe money to pay off. But her decision to go to the Man of God secured her a business that would fend for her and her sons. God loves to give you more and this I say from experience. You ask God for a fish, He gives you wisdom to never lack fish.

5. Lord, here I am. Give me the idea that will provide for my present and future and the future of my children and their children and those after them. Lord even if I forget and just ask for a cup of water, give me an endless source of that water.

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