DAY 11 – THE LEADING WOMAN (2 Kings 4:8-37)

It is exciting how verses of the bible hit differently at different times. I know the story of the Shunammite woman, and I am sure most of you do too. I do not even know where to begin on this one.

The Shunammite woman was a well-to-do woman and its obvious she had been watching to know that Elisha always passed by. On this day, she decides to convince him to come in for a meal. This shows she was observant and hospitable. As we read on in the verses, we see that stopping over to dine became a regular thing for Elisha.

Now, she wants him to also have a place to lay his head when he was in town. So, she went and discussed with her husband and before we knew it, Elisha was family and no more guest.

The interesting thing is that when Elisha asked what her request was as she had gone up and above to care for him and his servant. The message version puts her response as “Nothing. I’m secure and satisfied in my family.”

Well, you know the rest of the story. If you do not, read up 2 Kings 4:8-37.


The Shunammite woman was observant. The day she stopped Elisha was not his first time passing by. She must have been seeing him and Gehazi and decided to invite them to dinner. To be able to catch them in time, I believe the Shunammite woman had to be awake and alert.

1. Dear Lord, I receive from heaven an observant and discerning spirit. Open my eyes to see the angel you have sent to me and cause me to open my doors to him/her. Cause me to be awake in my spirit to identify him/her when they pass through.

Did you notice when she was going to upgrade Elisha’s status, she went in to discuss with her husband? The bible records that she was a rich woman, but it did not mention if her husband was. So, let us agree she was doing very well than her husband and could decide whatever without anyone’s approval. But she did not do it. This is a home belonging to she and her husband and it’s the right thing to do. Now I will ask you a question and I want to hope you will answer yourself truthfully. If you were in the position of the Shunammite woman now, will you consult your husband’s opinion regarding your plans?

2. Dear Lord, as I work hard and succeed and I am doing so very well, help me to welcome and recognize my husband’s opinion to decisions that I make regarding our home as we are no longer two but two of us have become one.

I will not fail to mention that her husband agreed to her suggestion to make Prophet Elisha family – giving him a room of his own. Now think about it. If he had not agreed with the wife to give Elisha a room, they might have just missed out on their blessings. Many husbands have been the reason some blessing have eluded their families

3. [Husband’s name] I declare that your eyes and heart will be opened to see and receive my suggestions that could bring about a breakthrough for our family in Jesus name. As I bring my big ideas to you, I declare that you will support me.

So many prayers from these verses, but I’ll have us pray this one before the last point.

At this time, they already had a son as Elisha prophesied but unfortunately, the boy died suddenly after complaining of his head. This woman took off to go look for the man of God. From afar Elisha recognized her. After hearing what happened, Elisha acted immediately by sending Gehazi ahead first. Yesterday we talked bout seeking God first when challenges come. Today we see same thing with the Shunammite woman. What tickles me most is the speedy response.

4. Father, I declare that you are answering to every of my case speedily. I have made you a member of my family, so everything that concerns this family you will attend to speedily in Jesus name.

Lastly, remember this. A rich woman who had everything, but one opens her door to a stranger, upgrades his status from being just a guest who came in for dinner to a family member with his own room. While she did this expecting nothing in return, Gehazi found out that they did not have children and that was an unspoken request of hers that came to fulfillment.

5. Lord, as I help those on my way, let my heart’s deepest desire be tabled before you. I declare today that I will not miss the angel you have scheduled to visit me. I receive a hospitable spirit today Lord.

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