DAY 13 – THE WISE WOMEN IN SCRIPTURES (2 Samuel 14:1-21, 20:15-22)

The story of the wise men is one that everyone of us can tell without looking at scriptures. A popular character in the nativity, most of us knew the story from a very young age.

The wise women however is one that is rather unpopular but very important that it was mentioned in scriptures. You see why you should study the Bible for yourself? Studying about these women, they deserve articles of their own; but I want to believe that beyond this challenge you will read up on these women.

The wise woman of Tekoa is the first woman we are talking of. She helped in reconciling Absalom and David. After Absalom killed Amnon who raped his sister Tamar, He went into exile. It had been years and as much as David’s heart was with Absalom, he didn’t send for him to come back. This made Joab invite this wise woman to pass a message to King David. She did put on a good show and got David to bring back Absalom.

The second wise woman is that of Abel Beth Maacah. At this time, Joab was chasing after Sheba – the man who revolted against David. Joab and his army’s plan was to knock down the wall of this city because Sheba had run into it to take refuge. This wise woman came out confidently and reminded Joab that they had done nothing, so why does he want to destroy their city. When Joab explained, she told him that they’ll kill Mr. Sheba and send his head across. And this they did.


It takes a wise woman to confidently confront and convict a whole king. This is what the wise woman of Tekoa did. Joab was smart enough to employ a wise woman to carry out his plan. Proverbs 31:26 NCV says; “She speaks wise words and teaches others to be kind.” Hmmm. Can you and I be called upon to pursue such a kind of assignment? This woman’s wisdom afforded Joab the pleasure of the king listening and carrying out his counsel.

1. Lord I ask for the wisdom that only you can give. Your word says in James 1:5 that If I lack wisdom, I should ask you. So here I am lord and I make my request for wisdom from above to carry out my early assignments.

Now the woman had to act her part well which she did. However it wasn’t all about her acting but the fact that she knew God’s mind and knew how to respond should she be asked other questions. How well do you know scriptures or your work? When God gives the wisdom, you also have your part to play in developing yourself. Be it spiritual, career wise or other areas. Wisdom can also be built and are you ready?

2. Lord, I declare that as you fill me with wisdom, I will seek knowledge as well. I declare that as I develop myself through diligent efforts, there will be a result that will make men to seek me out.

Something similar in the two wise women is CONFIDENCE and BOLDNESS. They got their message out politely and respectfully while still being confident. They didn’t cower or shake in fear and they didn’t go overboard and be overconfident.

3. Lord, I receive for myself a confident and capable spirit. while I discharge my duties as a wife, worker or leader. I declare that I do it with boldness mixed with respect and honour.

The wise woman of Abel Beth Maacah saved her town because she stood up for it. Scriptures doesn’t tell us she was the leader of the town, however she didn’t say, “Oh I am a woman or I am not the leader.” What scripture says is that she called out to speak to Joab. First she gave his some history lessons then proceeded to proffer a solution that was beneficial to both without destruction involved.

4. Lord, help me not to wait till destruction hits and then I am filled with regrets. I receive the boldness to stand up and protect what’s mine. When I go to stand before he/she that will grant my request for protection, equip me with solutions I can offer that will bring the needed results.

Now Joab agreed and the wise woman went to discuss with the people in her city. She should have just gone and killed Sheba but no. She strategized with her people. How great a team player are you? Are you always after getting the glory? Who knew what would have happened if she went alone?

5. Lord, every selfish tendencies in me that is all about me, me, me; replace with a teaming spirit that sees and understand that there is great success in teamwork. Help me from today to be a great team player at home, at work and anywhere I find myself.

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