Lessons from the temptation – Part 1

What is temptation?

It is the desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise.


Have you ever wondered why it is when you are on a spiritual exercise that you are tempted the most or when there is a conviction in your heart regarding something that the temptation seems to be at the highest?

So let me share a personal story which will resonate with so many here. I notice that when I am either on a fast or on a prayer program, I become sensitive and it also looks like that’s the right time for my husband and my children to get on my nerve. Or is it when I choose to avoid some foods? The foods are suddenly what is the most available at home.

Another one I can remember is when I got engaged to my then boyfriend, it looked like the the tap of men were opened as well. Not like I didn’t have “toasters” (like we call it in Nigeria) before but they suddenly became so many and to make matters even more tempting and difficult, they were loaded. (If you understand what I mean)

Now these are my personal experiences and I am sure some of you also have experienced them too. Any witness in the house?

One other person who experienced temptation is Jesus. Just imagine this, after fasting for forty days and forty nights, how would you feel? You will be very hungry no doubt and guess what, that is what the devil used to tempt Jesus first.

So temptation isn’t something that happens only when you are an unbeliever, it only becomes more obvious when you become one. For instance, when you weren’t a believer, there was always the temptation to let’s say speak bad about someone and during this time, you do not give it a second thought and gladly engage in it. However, now that you are a believer and knowing very well that it’s wrong to do that; you have to deal with the choice of giving in to it or not.

Now see, in both instances, you knew it was wrong. But in the latter, you understand and know that there are godly consequences for it of which in the former, you knew there were but you just didn’t care. So the temptations you experience now as a believer are not new. You’ve always been tempted all along.

So going forward, what will be your attitude towards temptation? You have to look forward to part two of this series.

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Beautiful blessings.

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