Mindset : The Turn Around

12 Simple Steps to Waking Up Happier and More Positive

Having lived a life of guilt for years, it was a load too heavy. I could not afford to bear this burden for the rest of my life.

New years as we know are usually a time for resolutions, a time to change for good, 1st January 2012 was that time for me. But this time I choose a different type of resolution which was to let go of all the guilt, stop blaming God and open up to Him for Him to do that He has planned for me. This was the turning point for me.

For I know the plans and thoughts that I have for you, ‘says the LORD, ‘plans for peace and well-being and not for disaster, to give you a future and hope. -Jeremiah 29:11 AMP

This turning point brought about a consciousness and a change of mindset. Over the years I have come to realize that mindset plays a major role in every area of the human life most especially in identity (I will talk about this some other time).

In the movie ‘Overcomer by the Kendrick Brothers’, Thomas Hill tells his daughter while coaching her that ‘victory or defeat happens in the mind first’. This means if we will have victory, we must have had the victory already in our minds.

How long have you been on that project? How long have you been on this present stage in your life, career? You had goals, what’s up with them? These questions are almost unavoidable but the major question is, What is the state of your mind? How developed is your mind? How positive is your mind?

Work on your mindset first, and everything will change for good. Do not get defeated in your mind first, WIN. Then your actions will bring the victory to manifestation.

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Beautiful blessings.

Published by Iretiogo Reju

I am a Christian, Geologist and Environmental Enthusiast

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