Some years ago, I used to work in a particular school. The school administrator was known to never keep to agreement. Many people complained about this. In fact, any where you find two or more staff together, they were most likely discussing the issue of the administrator.

He made rules on the go and demanded for unrealistic commitments from staff. The environment was toxic and filled with pretense. Personally, my salary was never complete at the end of each month (without explanation or offense). Yet, I still remained an employee there.

One major reason why I remained there was because my neighbor, at home, was one of the oldest and most senior staff member there. I felt she could intervene for me. I went to her office, recounted everything and she promised to “talk” to Oga.

A month later, I received a set of instructions via phone call. The caller gave me a list of duties that were not part of my job description. At that point, I was already overwhelmed with duties and could not afford any more. When I reacted, she said the order was from “Oga”. I marched to his office but met his absence. I explained what I wanted to his secretary but she said her Oga never gave such instructions. I showed her my call log. She said the number was not familiar and advised that I call the number again. In her presence, the phone rang out several times. Then I knew something was fishy.

I decided to go report to my “neighbour”. As I walked to her office, I felt led to try the number one last time. Lo and behold, the phone was ringing on her desk. It belonged to her. She had made the call.

That morning, I resigned.

For me, her betrayal was the push I needed to wake up and leave that environment.

There are some situations that you are not supposed to endure. Some were allowed to jolt you into reality. Some ugly situations occur to make you uncomfortable in your comfort zone so you can aim for better.

We all need a little push sometimes, else, we may never know the potentials that lie within.

N.B: Leaving that place spurred me to go for 3 higher degrees which qualified me to apply for a better job. Today, I work where I always wanted to work.

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Beautiful blessings.

Published by Debbie Lawal

I am an educationist, researcher and a musicologist

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