Are You Exhausted Too?

The Holy Spirit showed me a new twist on discouragement and exhaustion. Often we all experience fatigue in a way that reflects in our activities, hindering us from focusing, targeting, or achieving. This feeling is valid, but there’s more to it. I got to understand that exhaustion and discouragement can come cloaked, seeping gradually into every fabric of our being, eating at every corner till all that is left is an empty hole and a smoking altar.

Discouragement and exhaustion sometimes begin with a bit of subtraction from your regular prayer time. Looks subtle? Yes… But it is determined. So it goes on to exchanging Bible study time with the premiere of a new series or your favorite show. These things in themselves aren’t the problem, so let’s get to the root of the problem.

If it all ended at the replacements and chipped away time with God, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, but it always takes a step further. It responds to those mid-day prayer promptings in your Spirit with ‘Later.’ And the later it gets, the quieter the promptings are, slipping away into the avalanche of activities piled up on it.

It’s almost unnoticeable because you’re still praying, just not as much and as focused as before, still reading scriptures, well, only when you can spare some time. So, you go on with your goals, set even bigger daring plans than before, fill the void created with more activities so you don’t feel empty. This is where it gets really bad.

But wait!! Before you step out, Happy and clean, reflect, where did it all begin, were you exhausted from always praying or discouraged from not seeing an immediate result despite ardent devotion??

Discouragement is real, so is exhaustion, but it can be replaced with a garment of praise, the Spirit of prayer, and supplication. It’s not over yet! So, Don’t stop praying!

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Beautiful blessings.

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