Kike was a young lady who enjoyed chewing gums. So right from her undergraduate days, till when she graduated, and even started working, she was used to this act. Her colleagues were ALWAYS assured of finding gums in her handbag as she stored them there and had so much to even give out to anyone who desired it.

To her, that was the best way to prevent stale breath, especially after long hours of lectures and while at work; unknown to her that she was also damaging her tooth! This Kike did for many years.

Suddenly, Kike began to have some pains in one of her molars on her upper jaw. At first, she felt it was just a normal pain, that would wade off with time; alas this wasn’t the case, as this pain was ‘here to stay’. Little did she know that a hole had already been formed in that tooth.

As the pain persisted in Kike’s tooth, instead of rushing to a dentist, she kept enduring it. She got some pills to relieve her of the pains; but after a little relief, the pain always grew worse. The pain aggravated that it prevented her from chewing/eating with that side of her teeth! But, IT STILL DIDN’T STOP HER FROM CHEWING GUMS; she was addicted to them!

While Kike kept ‘pushing’ and managing this pain for over a year, the hole kept getting bigger as the decaying process continued!!! This began to cause mouth odour. At this stage, was Kike not supposed to rush to a dentist? But NO, SHE DIDN’T, instead Kike switched to using one of the expensive tooth paste in town as at then, just to subdue this odour, and started brushing thrice daily!

This she did for another one year!!!

(But Kike, WHY???)

Anyway, by the end of the second year, she couldn’t endure it any further; as the odour also could not be suppressed anymore and the pains grew worse, with a big hole already formed in her tooth!

At this stage, she said to herself: “I can’t bear this anymore. I’d rather visit a dentist”. So, the next day, she decided to visit a dental clinic.

The dentist on examining her tooth, with so much odour oozing out, blamed her for taking this long before coming. He said, if she had come earlier when the hole was still small, it would have been cleaned, treated and probably just filled; but at this stage, the solution is to undergo a minor surgery and get the decayed tooth removed so as to prevent further damage!

Kike felt really sorry for herself, as she had no other choice, than to undergo the surgery! It was a very painful experience for her despite the anaesthesia given. After one week of the so-called ‘surgery’, she began to feel another ‘degree’ of pain in that same area.

Without wasting time, she ran to a bigger dental clinic. On getting there, it was discovered that there were still remnants of the tooth left unremoved…The first dentist only removed the upper part and left the root!!! As the dentist broke the news to her, Kike wept!!!

“Why do I have to go through all these….It wouldn’t have been this worse only if I’d acted fast initially”, Kike said, amidst tears. The dentist really felt sympathy for her, as he consoled her and blamed the first dentist for not doing a thorough job!

She had to undergo a second surgery!!! OH NO, KIKE WENT THROUGH ‘HELL’! She cried and vowed never to have anything to do with gums and ‘others’! Finally, the debris of the decayed tooth was removed, this time, it was done perfectly. At the end of it, she was given some medications and went home!

After a week, yes ONE WEEK, Kike felt really better. Pain, odour all gone in just one week. Although, she has to leave the rest of her life with a ‘gap’ in her tooth! (Only if she decides to fill it in the future, but presently, even after six years, the gap is still there, which serves as a reminder to her!).

That painful experience made her wiser! She grew hatred for any form of ‘sweetener’ or gum, and stayed away from them. She switched to brushing her teeth twice daily, taking lots of water at work and during the day, eating carrots and cucumber to keep her mouth busy and breath fresh while at work, or any other fruit she can snack on.

She automatically became a counselor to those addicted to these ‘sweet things’ to please stop. She said: “It’s better imagined than experienced!”



What is the state of your spiritual life? Decaying??? Lost your zeal for God, lost your passion for studying the Word of God and for prayers? Now more interested in watching movies and idle talks that add no value to your spirit man?

What is the state of the divine assignment God placed in your hands? Left it idle and thrown away your ‘tools’ for gleaning the harvest field, lost the gifts and grace?

Married woman, what is the state of your marriage? How much time do you spend praying for your home? Or you now enjoy spending time with other women talking ill about your husband, and opening the door of your home indirectly to strange women? How much time do you give to parenting your children in the way of the Lord? How much effort do you put into building the bond, love of God and romance between you and your spouse? WHY WATCH THINGS ‘DIE’???

Singles, you know about the ‘decay’ but you have resolved to patch things up, instead of getting rid of it? Still enjoying those ‘sweet things’; the ‘small lie, little sexual touch, little pride, little wearing of worldly attires/indecent clothes (gradually exposing the sensitive parts and you now feel it doesn’t matter anymore?).

Do you feel since you are still ‘bouncing’ in the Lord, since you still officiate in the church, since you still pray and answers come, since there is no ‘odour’ oozing out of that ‘decaying tooth’ despite the ‘pains’; you are okay and still on ‘fire’?

NO! Don’t be deceived! Even when you turn off a ceiling fan, it still keeps spinning for a while; but definitely spinning to a halt!!!

Please don’t wait till it becomes too late before you attend to this DECAYED STATE OF YOURS!!!
Don’t wait till the ‘hole’ that’s been formed leaks away all your gifts, glory, power, grace, divine opportunities; ACT NOW, ACT FAST!!!

“Rouse yourselves and keep awake, and strengthen and invigorate what remains and is on the point of dying; for I have not found a thing that you have done [any work of yours] meeting the requirements of My God or perfect in His sight”. So remember and take to heart the lessons you have received and heard. Keep and obey them, and repent [change your sinful way of thinking, and demonstrate your repentance with new behavior that proves a conscious decision to turn away from sin]. So then, if you do not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what hour I will come to you.

Revelation 3:2,3 (AMPC&AMP)

Beloved, RUN NOW TO THE DIVINE DENTIST, He is waiting for you The devil most times, wait to get a once-vibrant believer, to a state of spiritual weakness, so as to strike! This way, the devil has succeeded in bringing down many once mighty believers and even many godly homes today!!!

Don’t be like Kike, ACT FAST! Even if you have to undergo a DIVINE SURGERY, make some GODLY DECSIONS that may cause you some ‘pains’ or little inconvenience for a short while, it is better than being LOST FOREVER!!!

Be determined to PRESS IN DEEPER, and scale HIGHER HEIGHTS with JESUS this time. It is not too late to begin AFRESH with God. Pursue that DIVINE PURPOSE. Tend your MARITAL GARDEN. Seek Him Now, you will find Him!!!

God bless you. Praying with you. You will RISE AGAIN!!!

Funmibi Cares but GOD CARES MORE!

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Beautiful blessings.

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