Christ followers and social media

As we go through the second half of 2022, there are a lot of things we must choose to do differently and social media is one of them.

The times that we live in is just wonderful all together. Now we can have people say or write all sorts and post. To them, this gives us the consumer one of two choices – disagree or agree. Then your choice determines their reaction to you. Agree, you are fine. Disagree and they’ll come for you.

The social media space is a free canvas where anyone can sketch and a free writing pad where anyone can write. While this is a medium where many have been blessed, it’s also one where many have become confused and condemned.

I use to unwind sometimes on social media; especially because I get to read posts and even comments. Some posts stirs up strife and debates and some edify. And some are just funny. Social media, in my opinion is just like Google’s search results; and our approach to the content there should not be different from how we go about the google search results.

You go to the ones that will help you and leave the others.

Every Christian believer in obedience to the instruction of Jesus should use every opportunity to reach out in love to others. And how beautiful it is that we have the social media platforms to do this.

However, we have three types of preachers of the gospel on this public space.

  • Those who are driven and inspired by the Holy Spirit.
  • Those who are driven by religion, dogma and denominational doctrines.
  • Those who are driven by themselves.

While I don’t need to elaborate so much on the points above because it’s quite straight forward, let me remind you about the people who were first called Christians in the Bible.

“When he found him, he took him to Antioch, and for a whole year the two met with the people of the church and taught a large group. It was at Antioch that the believers were first called Christians.”

Acts‬ ‭11:26‬ ‭GNT‬‬

Some other versions call it “Christ-followers.”

The Acts of the Apostles shows and tells of who a Christian is. From Barnabas to Stephen to Saul (Paul), we see and can learn how and what we as Christian believers should behave and do.

I encourage you to read the whole book of Acts in the Bible and ask yourself, “Am I a Christ follower or a religious fanatic?

Today, we have so many religious fanatics who haven’t taken time to study the word of God and seek God for themselves. They are simply hearers who repeat what they heard and don’t understand, quote Bible verses that suite their arguments or they give their own meaning to it.

As Christ followers, it is expected that we are salt and not pepper or bones. Salt seasons, pepper spices and bones chokes.

Looking on the brighter side of Social media, while we all know it is a faux reality, we can, to some extent know or distinguish religious fanatics from Christ followers. Scriptures teach us that it is the content of one’s heart that come out from one’s mouth. Or in this case we see it in their posts or comments or reactions.

So what should you do differently in the remaining days of 2022 and beyond?

Be a light, Be salt, Be beautiful and Be Christlike.

Beautiful Blessings.

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