Hey there.

Welcome to Beautiful Life Corner.

I am Phebe – A Jill of all trades. Master of some and student of some. – and I love to write about the beauty of life. And while you may want to ask me, “what’s so beautiful about life?” I’ll answer firstly with, “you are here.”

I discovered the beauty of life right in the middle of the ugliness of life. (Still discovering everyday) A lot has happened and while my first reason for blogging was to basically tell you all my life story, God had better things in store. So if you’ve come here to see the LEMONS or LIMES Life offered me, I am here waiting to serve you a chilled cup of LEMONADE with a big SMILE right here in my CORNER.

I am a Wife and Mom; and to these I combine being an Architect, Business owner and Blogger. I love God and I follow Jesus Christ unashamedly. I am learning to dig deeper and deeper into God’s Word – Jesus Christ. I am paying attention to God’s voice and I am learning everyday to live, be led and lead by His instruction.

Let me let you in on this. “I love my Bible and I read it too. Interestingly I enjoy doing so in various versions.”

Here in my corner, I believe we should live “unscripted.” I believe that with Christ living in and directing us, everyday is a movie and we are acting out who Christ is and what he does and how he lives. And that’s something a script can not do. Here when the curtains are closed, the movie is still on.

A little on the name, so I never knew the meaning of my name for a long time. All I knew was that I was named after the Deaconess in Romans 16:1. When I found out the meaning of my name (Shining, Pure, Radiant) coupled with the role of the great woman. All put together, there was no other word than – BEAUTIFUL!

So thanks for visiting my corner. I hope you subscribe, share and tell others about this blog.

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Stay beautiful!!!