“Inspiring articles, journeys and recipes to help you live a beautiful life.”

BLCornerBeautiful Life Corner is a Christian and Faith based blog born as a result of a profound desire to see everyone live a beautiful life just as God Himself had designed it from the beginning. When this blog was to be birthed, the naming was done in phases; Beautiful Inside – Plentitude – Beautiful Life Articles (now an arm) – Beautiful Life Corner.

The phrase “Beautiful Life” was inspired by a character in the bible – “PHEBE” in Romans 16:1-2. For a long time, the meaning of the name Phebe was never known, but her role in the apostolic days was extremely exemplary and selfless and these explains what true beauty is all about. Finding its meaning – “Shining, pure” –  was an addition to this discovery. Anything that shines and is pure is a clear definition of what beautiful is.

At BLCorner, we want our readers through the help of God to live their life from a pure inside, shining forth the glory of their maker on the outside selflessly. This as a whole is living life beautifully. It’s not easy by our own strength but by God’s help all things are possible.

The goal of Beautiful Life Corner is to reach out to all and sundry, educating them on God’s plan and desire for them, teaching them to live the beautiful life and spreading the love of God to everyone they meet through their lifestyle and habits. We are also reaching out to young girls and young brides, sharing with one another on how to be all that God has designed us to be by living and excelling beautifully in our homes and our everyday life. Men are not excluded.

These are a few things you should know about BLCorner. Now that you know about us, feel free to stop by and check on us. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook. I hope and pray you get answers to some of life questions here and you are greatly blessed. Do not forget to tell a friend to tell a friend.

If you have any questions and enquires, do well to send us an email – talktous@blcorner.com or use the contact form in the “Contact” section.

God bless you.