I took a picture of both my son’s legs. They had exchanged one leg of their slippers.I looked at both of them, they had wide smiles on their faces. Wait. What if I teach you half of everything I know?Will I still have a smile on my face?Will I be happy I impacted your life?OrContinue reading “SAME, DIFFERENT; WHO CARES?”

DAY 10 – GENTLENESS [humility]

In Galatians 5:23, Gentleness is mentioned as one of the fruit of the Spirit. What is gentleness? It is a state where you strip yourself of all judgemental traits. A place of inner peace where you see others the way the Lord sees them. Gentleness is the act of showing love from a place ofContinue reading “DAY 10 – GENTLENESS [humility]”


There is a popular story about a young, successful couple who moved into their dream home. Shortly after moving, the wife started to complain to her husband each time he returned from work, that their neighbor always hung dirty laundry on the clothesline. It got to a point that she was so irritated and said,Continue reading “WHOSE LENS?”


After spending over 3 decades on earth, I can boldly say that I have had my fair share of life’s challenges. Different stages of growth have specially packaged and customized periods of test. At first, I would throw tantrums, fuss excessively and cry my heart out. At other times, I would look for who toContinue reading “LIFE CHALLENGES: STEPPING STONES OR CONCRETE WALLS?”


Some years ago, I used to work in a particular school. The school administrator was known to never keep to agreement. Many people complained about this. In fact, any where you find two or more staff together, they were most likely discussing the issue of the administrator. He made rules on the go and demandedContinue reading “THE PUSH WE ALL NEED”


God is a master architect. Just take a look at yourself and tell me if anyone can create something as beautiful as you from absolutely nothing? You are a unique creation, albeit, with limitations. This limitation does not make God any less perfect, rather, it makes you realize that there is more to what youContinue reading “THE INNER EYE”