Day 11 – His help and His leadership

When I was growing up, I had disciplinarians as parents. As much as both of them were in the teaching profession, they weren’t just teachers to others, they were teachers at home too. I learnt a lot from my parents that when I was about to get married. I asked for someone better than myContinue reading “Day 11 – His help and His leadership”

Day 10 – His Attitude 

“Attitude is everything” is a phrase that a lot of us have heard and even used at some point or the other. Attitude has different meaning based on how it’s been used either as a noun, a verb or an adjective. But it all bores down to same thing. Now we can only say it’sContinue reading “Day 10 – His Attitude “

Day 9 – His Relationship and his home

This particular topic is tricky and I beg you to pray because when battles rage in a relationship or at home. The Lord’s intervention is the best solution.  The Bible said a man should leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife. You see, marriage was not designed for  the wife to beContinue reading “Day 9 – His Relationship and his home”

Day 8 – His Spirituality

This part is as clear as it reads. My dad said and i quote, “Every family unit is a little church of it’s own in which the father is the pastor. Therefore, every Father of a home must know that it is his responsibility to lead his family to Christ and daily remind them ofContinue reading “Day 8 – His Spirituality”

Day 7: His Communication and Temper

All around us we can see the high increase in domestic violence that is quietly ravaging homes.  Today I was going to talk on a different topic so we pray but this is what the Lord desire that we come to him about. So please pray in whatever language you desire. Pray as led aContinue reading “Day 7: His Communication and Temper”