Some years ago, I used to work in a particular school. The school administrator was known to never keep to agreement. Many people complained about this. In fact, any where you find two or more staff together, they were most likely discussing the issue of the administrator. He made rules on the go and demandedContinue reading “THE PUSH WE ALL NEED”


I’ve been through some PHASES and JUNCTIONS in life where I am to take a decision, and it appears more easy and convenient to say NO. Many times, when I have to view with my ‘myopic lens’, the direction of ‘NO’ appears more attractive to me, than the direction of ‘YES’. But deep down inContinue reading “THE HARD, BUT BEST ‘YES’!”

The danger in shutting your teens out!

Read that title repeatedly till it sinks in. We live in a fast-paced world, and if you, being a Christian parent, have the goal to model teens sold out to God, you cannot afford to leave things to chance. I’ll tell you a story. Rhema (not real name) is one of the teens under myContinue reading “The danger in shutting your teens out!”


God is a master architect. Just take a look at yourself and tell me if anyone can create something as beautiful as you from absolutely nothing? You are a unique creation, albeit, with limitations. This limitation does not make God any less perfect, rather, it makes you realize that there is more to what youContinue reading “THE INNER EYE”

Lessons from the temptation – Part 1

What is temptation? It is the desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise. Google Have you ever wondered why it is when you are on a spiritual exercise that you are tempted the most or when there is a conviction in your heart regarding something that the temptation seems to be at theContinue reading “Lessons from the temptation – Part 1”


It is Easter all around the world and during this time we remember the sufferings, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And also, there is the egg and bunny tradition. So in 2019, during this time, my children were told to do an Easter bonnet and all that stuff. While I didn’t pay anyContinue reading “LESSONS FROM THE CROSS”