DAY 7 – Confessions & Declarations

Today, as we bring this challenge to a close, we would be making scriptural confessions and declarations over our children. Confessions I confess that Lord You will keep in perfect peace [Children’s Name] because they trust in you, and their thoughts are fixed on you! Isaiah 26:3 I confess Your unfailing love to [Children’s Name]Continue reading “DAY 7 – Confessions & Declarations”

DAY 6 – Prayers for Their Future

“The future is bright” is a phrase I’ve heard so much. But, who can tell what awaits us in this future? As human beings, we can project and predict. Some of these projections may turn out true or false. However, there is someone who knows what tomorrow holds and even though we do not knowContinue reading “DAY 6 – Prayers for Their Future”

DAY 5 – Prayers for Academics & Career

Before we kick off today’s prayer, let’s lift up the families mourning at this time. Lord we pray for everyone who needs your embrace at this difficult time. Especially moms who are crying over their children that have passed on. We pray for them that they are embraced in the comfort of your Holy Spirit.Continue reading “DAY 5 – Prayers for Academics & Career”

DAY 4 – Prayers for Friendships

Friends play a key and important role in our lives as human beings. We see how important this type of relationship is even in scriptures. God called Abraham a friend. Jesus called his disciples friends too. What stands out to me is that friends don’t hide things from each other. This we see demonstrated byContinue reading “DAY 4 – Prayers for Friendships”

DAY 3 – Prayers for Healing

Praying for our children when they are ill is something that I want to believe we all always do even if we haven’t prayed in a long time. Especially when you have a new born baby or toddler that can’t speak or tell you exactly where it hurts. I’ve been there and I can rememberContinue reading “DAY 3 – Prayers for Healing”

DAY 2 – Prayer for Their Spiritual Life

I want to believe that like me, one of your greatest heart desire is for your child to know the Lord, love him with all their heart and walk in his commands all the days of their life. I, like many of you reading this, wants my child to have an experiential knowledge of God.Continue reading “DAY 2 – Prayer for Their Spiritual Life”

DAY 1 – Prayer of Gratitude

Welcome to the first day of the first edition of this challenge. Drum rolls… First of all, Congratulations to you and to you and to you. Whether you are a biological mom, adopted mom, a mom-aunty, a “mom-in-Isreal” and on; I say to you, God has called you to participate in something bigger than youContinue reading “DAY 1 – Prayer of Gratitude”