Fathers like The Father.

Today, all over the world, it is Father’s day. I won’t call myself a daddy’s girl and I won’t also not call myself a daddy’s girl. Growing up with my sisters, there are so many lessons we can look back on and thank God for daddy. Even though we are all girls, we did everythingContinue reading “Fathers like The Father.”

Our batteries charge differently

As an Architect and Designer and generally someone who spends a lot of time on the computer, music is my biggest companion. If I wasn’t married or had children, the introverted me will just sit here, music in ears, coffee on the side and design away. I have two types of ear pieces that helpContinue reading “Our batteries charge differently”

Raising godly children

My number 1 goal as a Mom is to ensure my children know the Lord. “Why?” God in a person’s life is everything. Recently, I have been studying to get certified to become a children’s storybook writer and whilst at that, I have been engaging my beautiful children in exciting activities. One of which isContinue reading “Raising godly children”

As a Mom, it’s okay to make your own rules and follow them.

Do you know that look people give you when you tell them you haven’t done something that almost everyone has? Uhmmm…Yes!!! That one! I usually get those looks when ever I say my children don’t eat candy or don’t eat noodles. Or that I haven’t use seasoning cubes to cook in almost 8 years. OrContinue reading “As a Mom, it’s okay to make your own rules and follow them.”

Motherhood: The job that doesn’t require any experience.

This is one job that no matter how prepared you are, experience is not a requirement. When I was going to be a mom, I read books, did research and God bless Prof Google. Almost any question you ask, there is an answer because someone somewhere has asked it before. Should I say I wasContinue reading “Motherhood: The job that doesn’t require any experience.”

Part 5: Raising Well-rounded Christlike Children

This is the concluding part of this series and if you haven’t read the previous part, find it here. TEACH/PREACH THE WORD AND NOT DENOMINATIONAL DOCTRINES/TRADITIONS. Do you know that as much as children are quick to learn, they can also be easily brainwashed? Doubt me? Ask the child soldiers or the children suicide bombers.Continue reading “Part 5: Raising Well-rounded Christlike Children”