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BLA homeThank you so much for taking time to check us out. Our sincere prayer is that you find what you are looking for here through the help of God.

BLCorner (Beautiful Life Corner) was birthed after the understanding of God’s desire for man. When he created Man, His intention was for us to look like him thereby making us in his Image. As it went into records that all that God made was beautiful, so also are you because you are one of his creation.

Man’s fall in the garden of Eden put a dent on this beauty but Jesus came and gave us the eternal opportunity to have this beauty back and in a better way – making our inner man beautiful which reflects uncontrollably on the outside in every area.

Here at BLCorner, we encourage you who is to remain so and even be better. We also invite as many to be beautiful as well. Its all about God here at blcorner; From the life we live to the food we eat and everything in general.

Its CHRIST-LIKE Habits and LIFESTYLE without borders. – Philippians 4:8

Here, we talk:

  • Faith + Prayer
  • Motivations + Inspirations
  • A Christian Momma’s life (Family Life)
  • A Christian Wife’s take (Marriage)
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Beautiful Life lessons
  • Beautiful Life Events
  • Good food and great recipes to try out
  • We talk Love and Love and Love.

I pray that God help you embrace His nature and hence shine forth through you and in you as you continue on this beautiful path living the Beautiful Life.

Feel free to peruse our blog, share and even ask questions if needs be and by God’s grace We pray He helps us help you. You can also follow on Instagram. Like our page on Facebook too. Do not forget to tell a friend to tell a friend.

If you have any questions and inquires, do well to send an email to talktous@blcorner.com

God bless you. Remain in his Love.

For BLCorner,

Phebe (Reju) Olaniran

“Living life GOD’S way is living the BEAUTIFUL Life.”

Picture Credit: Squandrous.com via google.com