Momma’s Chronicles

Every woman experiences change at different stages of her Life. Being a MOM is one of it and most of all, it is an exciting one and a challenging one as well. Every MOM‘s desire is for her children to be the best in every area of their life, to eat great healthy meals, to be well health-wise and most of all as they grow to be greatly disciplined and be a great flag bearer of God and their family.

“Who says you can do it all by yourself?”

“Who says that provided you have a nanny, it makes the burden lighter?”

“Who says putting them in a creche gives you time to rest?”

“Who says by complaining, you get half of your worries gone?”

“Oh yes they say, a problem shared is a problem half solved. But dear MOMma, if you go around sharing your parenting problems you will be doing more harm than good and that in my own books isn’t a problem half solved.”

Join me as I share with you from a Christian MOM‘s point of view.

Here you will find:

  • Praying with and for Bambie.
  • Healthy meal inspiration while baby is in utero.
  • Healthy tips for surviving breastfeeding.
  • How to boost your milk supply.
  • MOM and Bambie’s general care.
  • The Christian MOM‘s approach to parenting
  • And so much more.

Reading through, you should have noticed that I have emphasised the word “MOM“. This is because the meaning of this version of spelling reminds me of who I am to my Children and every Children God places in my care.

M: My
O:  Own
M: Mentor

That you gave birth to them goes beyond that. How you spell your own or the meaning you put to your is yours alone.

God bless you.

1 Samuel 1:27, Psalm 127:3, Proverbs 22:6, 2 Timothy 1:5

“Godly Mommas make BEAUTIFUL Children”