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Phebe Reju-Olaniran


“Jill of all trades. Master of some and student of some”

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A multiskilled Architectural Designer and an Autodidact Philomath

Hi there. My name is Phebe [Pronounced – Fee Bee]. I work as a Design-Build Consultant while juggling my other roles as a Mom, Writer and a Business woman.

I am greatly self taught; and I love to research and learn. My love for knowledge led me to study and get certifications in Interior Design, Child Nutrition & Cooking, Environmental Law, Construction Management and some others underway.

I love to design (I’m sure you already know that). So I design Buildings, Graphics and Fashion.

And lest I forget to say, I am a beautiful wife and mom of 2. I love to create recipes too. I also crowned myself, the Queen of homemade because, If it can be made at home, count me in. LOL.

I love to read as you may already know and recently, I began podcasting. Bringing to life my dream of talking to an audience after years of talking to imaginary audiences (mainly my mirror). LOL.

I also love to joke around and just spend time with family laughing and chatting away. I love everything about child development and I’ll love to work with organizations supporting this cause.

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Design-Build Consultant at Dbcréer
Architectural Designs | Interiors | Construction

Founder at Anne and Amy
Anne’s club – Baby Store | Amy’s Hub – Healthy Food Store

Founder at Beautiful Life Corner with Phebe
Christian Blog | Podcast