About Me

An architect, writer and early to pre-teen years enthusiast

Hi there. My name is Phebe Reju-Olaniran. First name is pronounced – Fee Bee.

A trained Architect in full-time practice; and a Services Engineer in training. Alongside my professional responsibilities, I am also a mom, writer and friend.

I am greatly self taught; and have a love relationship with creativity, research and learning. This love affair has led me down several roads which has made me wear several hats.

I love to design (I’m sure you already know that). So I design Buildings, Graphics and Products.

I crowned myself, the “Queen of homemade,” because, if it can be made at home, count me in.

I love to read as you may already know and also love to think (who doesn’t). I am not great at making friends but sure I am great at keeping them. How this happens, I don’t know.

I also love to joke and spend time with family and friends; laughing and chatting away. I love everything about child development and I try my best to do this first with the ones God has blessed me with.

Like they say, “charity begins at home.” I believe that if we all handle the ministry God gave us FIRST (family, children, skills) we will be able to handle the bigger ones He gives us.

I love everything about healthy eating and I am always creating healthy options for my family.

I am ambitious and goal oriented. I day dream a lot and I am an introvert with very big imaginations. I can be obsessively compulsive with organizing and arranging things. I am a weird fashionista so don’t ask me about fashion except you are asking me to design one for you. I am a Berean kind of Christian and believe the Bible is the ONLY well-rounded book. Hence, I read it everyday, in different versions. Only recently did I come into an understanding of the ministry of the Holy Spirit and my life has changed completely. My walk with Jesus has changed, I am now, more than ever intentional about maintaining an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Discussions about Jesus, Holy Spirit, Architecture, Construction, Business, Books, Nutrition, Motherhood, Parenting are what I enjoy from time to time. I am open to partnership, collaborations and discourse on these.

Fun fact about me – I am always mistaken for a secondary school student. Why? We need to go find the answers together. Hahaha.