Loyalty: When to be

Hello Beautiful people. Welcome to my blog once again. Today, I am writing on another good topic that has found a way to choke us in these current times. We are talking today about Loyalty. First things first, what is Loyalty? According to Collins Dictionary, Loyalty is is the quality of staying firm in your friendship orContinue reading “Loyalty: When to be”


Happy New Year Beautiful! Wow. When was it that we said Happy New Year? Now it’s another New year again. We are thankful to God for Life and for his Love that keeps us. If you are reading this, I invite you to be thankful through January. As you write down those resolutions, resolve toContinue reading “2018: BE INTENTIONAL!”

5 Practical things to do when angry

In the world we live in, it’s unavoidable to have times when we would be offended or “angry.” But how we respond to such emotion matters a lot. So many people have lost opportunities, relationships, families, friends, associates and even businesses simply because they couldn’t control their anger. So many have acted in a wayContinue reading “5 Practical things to do when angry”

Day 5: It’s time to GROW UP!

After hearing God clearly, there is the need to grow. How many of you have wondered why some people still behave babyish even in their homes? Everything that happens with their spouse everyone knows about it directly or indirectly. This is usually attributed to lack of maturity or the absence of genuine love. I loveContinue reading “Day 5: It’s time to GROW UP!”

Day 4: Hearing God clearly ALONE

I remember when I first heard God speak to me clearly, it was while I was on a compulsory holiday. I would stay indoor seeking God till noon on several areas of my life and settling down was one of it. When he gave me His word it was direct and nothing could make meContinue reading “Day 4: Hearing God clearly ALONE”

Day 3: Alone and busy

Yesterday we discussed God’s master plan which was for us to be a completion to man’s aloneness. Okay today we will be building up on that but as related to us. Let us first consider the difference between ‘lonely’ and ‘alone’. LONELY – “sad because one has no friends or company.” ALONE – “having noContinue reading “Day 3: Alone and busy”

Day 2: Walking within God’s Master-Plan

Yesterday we found out we are God’s look alike. With this understanding, let’s talk about US – Women. I am truly amazed at how God does his thing. He created everything man would need first then created man. You know there is this level of satisfaction one gets to when you see a need beingContinue reading “Day 2: Walking within God’s Master-Plan”