Day 6 – Patience over impulsiveness

Welcome to Day 6 of this prayer challenge. Today we will be praying for a VERY important area that many times are overlooked. The reason so many people have some challenges is because of actions that were done impulsively. How many women and children suffer the consequences of their husband’s actions simply because he didn’tContinue reading “Day 6 – Patience over impulsiveness”

Day 5 – No limits

We are here on Day 5. God has indeed been good to us. Many husbands are limited as a result of things they know nothing about and some others by their actions or words. Today we will be lifting up all those limitations through the power we have in Jesus Christ. We would be settingContinue reading “Day 5 – No limits”

Day 4 – The book of remembrance is opened.

Today we would be going further in this challenge and this time around we would be opening a book of remembrance for our husbands. The story of Joseph is one that speaks to us. Joseph helped interpret the dreams of two fellow prisoners and he asked that he be remembered but alas he was forgotten.Continue reading “Day 4 – The book of remembrance is opened.”

Date with Mrs. O’ (Edition 1)- The Recap (Part 4)

As we came to the end of the date, we also took time to pray. If you missed the date recap, find part one, part two and part three here. Father, you made me just like you. I may have physical features like my earthly father and mother but you are my maker first beforeContinue reading “Date with Mrs. O’ (Edition 1)- The Recap (Part 4)”