DAY 3 – A beautiful god-filled future for me and my family

The life of Esther is an evidence that God can make EXTRAORDINARY things, out of the ordinary! “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh; is there anything too difficult for Me?” The fact that God has given one a promise of a beautiful future, does not exclude such from playing her part. Sin,Continue reading “DAY 3 – A beautiful god-filled future for me and my family”


Kike was a young lady who enjoyed chewing gums. So right from her undergraduate days, till when she graduated, and even started working, she was used to this act. Her colleagues were ALWAYS assured of finding gums in her handbag as she stored them there and had so much to even give out to anyoneContinue reading “THE DECAYING ‘TOOTH’!”

Lessons from the temptation – Part 1

What is temptation? It is the desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise. Google Have you ever wondered why it is when you are on a spiritual exercise that you are tempted the most or when there is a conviction in your heart regarding something that the temptation seems to be at theContinue reading “Lessons from the temptation – Part 1”

5 Things to know as a CHRISTIAN employee.

Hello Beautiful and welcome to yet another read from me. While I was tempted to share with you from my personal experience, I decided that I would share that of my former colleague which I had drafted for quite a while now. At my former place of work, I had a colleague who was aContinue reading “5 Things to know as a CHRISTIAN employee.”

Caesarean Section Birth Awareness 2019

Hi Beautiful, it’s the time of the year when we create an awareness on the caesarean section method of birth. While we have been aggressively campaigning on social media, it is important that we understand why. The misconstrued interpretation of the vaginal birth being the “Hebrew Woman” kind of Birth has kept so many in theContinue reading “Caesarean Section Birth Awareness 2019”

3 Ways to stay ”BEAUTIFUL” in 2019

This is my first post here this year. Hence, I am allowed to say a happy new year to you all my beautiful people. This year, I have been up to reading books, engaging with the Word and God, spending time with my family and getting more education. While I am at this, I intendContinue reading “3 Ways to stay ”BEAUTIFUL” in 2019”


As I come to the end of these series, I got to thinking how unique every marriage is. The way my husband does his things are different from how another does and I as a wife must learn to recognize that. So also the husbands must learn to understand their wives and stop comparing withContinue reading “MARRIAGE: YOURS IS UNIQUE”

MARRIAGE: Prayer maintains it.

Welcome back to the marriage series I’ve been sharing on. If you are seeing this for the first time, feel free to start from Part one then go on to Part two and to Part three. My husband and I were great friends before walking down the aisle and it was so beautiful to seeContinue reading “MARRIAGE: Prayer maintains it.”