DAY 6 – THE HEBREW WOMEN IN EGYPT (Exodus 1:17-20, 2:1-10)

The women we are studying about today played their various roles beautifully in fulfilling God’s future plan to rescue the Israelites from Egypt. First are the Hebrew Midwives – Shiphrah and Puah. We all know their story. The midwives who didn’t follow the King’s instruction to kill the Hebrew male children as soon as theyContinue reading “DAY 6 – THE HEBREW WOMEN IN EGYPT (Exodus 1:17-20, 2:1-10)”

DAY 5 – THE BRAVE PRINCESS/AUNT, JEHOSHEBA (2 Kings 11:1-3, 2 Chronicles 22:10-12)

I don’t remember reading about Jehosheba ever. I may have but I never paid attention. As I read about her for this challenge, I was wowed at what a woman she was indeed. Even though she wasn’t talked about so much and is just mentioned within two verses of the scripture, she played a majorContinue reading “DAY 5 – THE BRAVE PRINCESS/AUNT, JEHOSHEBA (2 Kings 11:1-3, 2 Chronicles 22:10-12)”


As some of you know, my sister is Deborah and so the story of Deborah shouldn’t be new to me right? Ah Ahn! No. I have heard about Deborah being a judge in Israel. However, I had never taken my time to intentionally read up and study about her. Few months ago as I studiedContinue reading “DAY 4 – THE PROPHETESS AND JUDGE, DEBORAH (Judges 4 & 5)”


Mary is a character in the Bible that we all knew about before we knew so much about the scriptures. This is because you must have payed a role in the Nativity or you heard about her during Easter or Christmas. However, there is so much to Mary than just being the mother of ourContinue reading “DAY 3 – SOMETHING ABOUT MARY (Luke 1:26-38)”

DAY 2 – THE WOMAN RAHAB (Joshua 2)

Rahab is an unlikely bible character any woman would naturally look to to learn from. Many believers see her from a place of promiscuity but I see her from a place of bravery. Who would take a risk like she did without batting an eyelid? The present day believer would have ran a detailed riskContinue reading “DAY 2 – THE WOMAN RAHAB (Joshua 2)”

DAY 1: GLEANINGS FROM HANNAH (1 Samuel 1:1-20)

How would you feel when you need something so dearly and then someone who has what you want/need mocks you for not having it? I cannot even begin to imagine Hannah’s ordeal when Peninnah mocked her again and again, year after year. What I love about Hannah is that she took those feelings to GodContinue reading “DAY 1: GLEANINGS FROM HANNAH (1 Samuel 1:1-20)”


Hey beautiful, congratulations on successfully completing this challenge with me. With all thanks to God and the Holy Spirit for directing me on what to pray about with you each day. Who knew that what was supposed to be a personal prayer exercise would one day become a challenge, you are happy to join in.Continue reading “#BWPC: DAY TWELVE”


Hello beautiful. Welcome to day eleven. Usually, I don’t over emphasize the Proverbs 31 woman because in truth, the woman King Solomon described there doesn’t exist. She was a “perfect woman.” And guess what, perfect women do not exist. Only Angels are perfect beings. But we can greatly learn from this rare woman who SolomonContinue reading “#BWPC: DAY ELEVEN”