Welcome to Day Two. Today we would be praying about COMMUNICATION. Communication in marriage is like blood in our veins. A lack of it can cause choking that we feel it even in our heart. There are some homes represented here that the communication between you and your husband is dying or let me mildlyContinue reading “#BWPC: DAY TWO”


Hello beautiful, the time is upon us to challenge ourselves once again to 12 days of prayer for our spouses, children and ourselves. While the original inspiration behind this challenge was to pray for our husbands, we’ve gradually expanded our prayers to reach our children. You may say, “we fight all the time, we argueContinue reading “BEAUTIFUL WIFE PRAYER CHALLENGE”

#BWPC – DAY 12

Welcome to the last day of this program. It has been an honor leading you all beautiful wives to pray for yourselves, your husbands and your children. We would be rounding up this Edition with prayers for health and preservation for our children. After which we will declare Isaiah 54 over our homes. Children interactContinue reading “#BWPC – DAY 12”

#BWPC – DAY 11

Welcome to day eleven of the Beautiful Wives Prayer Challenge. Today we would be praying for our children’s success and prosperity. Every parent’s heart desire is that their children succeed and prosper. As much as we work hard, provide for all their needs and even look forward to leaving an inheritance for them, we doContinue reading “#BWPC – DAY 11”

#BWPC – DAY 10

I welcome you all to day ten. A big thank you for staying with us till now. Today we are going all out for our children. We are praying for guidance and protection for our children. Aside the first few years which we spend with our children or few months for some before they beginContinue reading “#BWPC – DAY 10”


Welcome to day day nine of Beautiful Wives Prayer Challenge. We spent the first four days praying for ourselves, the last four days for our husbands and today, we will be praying for our homes and our children. The next three days are for our children specifically. The theme for today is “Thanksgiving and Dedication.”Continue reading “#BWPC – DAY 9”


Welcome to day eight of this program. How has it been for you? I trust very well. Today is the last day for praying for our husbands and the theme for our prayers would be Sacrifices and Prosperity. To enjoy wealth and prosperity, there are some sacrifices that our husbands would have to make. They’llContinue reading “#BWPC – DAY 8”