A New Thing

This is my first post here in this beautiful year that the Lord has given to us. If there is anything at all, it is that I started 2023 with gratitude. Gratitude for everything God did in 2022. 2021 was filled with challenges “top to bottom” (if you aren’t Nigerian, what I am saying isContinue reading “A New Thing”

DAY 1 – Salvation for my people

How important is the salvation of your family members to you? The moment I got to know God for myself and was genuinely saved, I found myself praying for my entire family and friends. I wanted my parents to be genuinely saved even though Dad is a pastor, I still prayed for my father toContinue reading “DAY 1 – Salvation for my people”

Beautiful Wives Prayer Challenge 2022 (Edition 7.0)

Hello and welcome to this year’s beautiful wife prayer challenge. It is our seventh edition. Wow!!! God has indeed been good to us. Don’t you think so? This year, while I thought about what would be our theme, I got quite a lot; but I went back to pray about it, telling God I wantContinue reading “Beautiful Wives Prayer Challenge 2022 (Edition 7.0)”

DAY 8 – GOODNESS [a life full of virtue, wonderful]

We are gradually coming to the end of this challenge and I hope you have been thirsting more for the workings of the Holy Spirit in your life. Today we would be looking at the sixth fruit – Goodness. The greek word “agathosune” is goodness which means an uprightness of heart and life. I don’tContinue reading “DAY 8 – GOODNESS [a life full of virtue, wonderful]”

DAY 3 – LOVE [Unselfish concern for others]

Hello friends and welcome to Day 3 of this year’s prayer challenge. In the past two days we were introduced to who the Holy Spirit is and having established that, you may want to ask; do I have the Holy Spirit? If you are genuinely saved and have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord andContinue reading “DAY 3 – LOVE [Unselfish concern for others]”

DAY 2 – Understanding the Holy Spirit

Welcome to Day 2 of this prayer Challenge. Yesterday, we established that the Holy Spirit is a person. In fact, the third person in the God-Head. He is not a thing so we don’t address Him as ‘it.’ He is not just a feeling or a force like in the science fiction movies; or aContinue reading “DAY 2 – Understanding the Holy Spirit”