DAY 8 – GOODNESS [a life full of virtue, wonderful]

We are gradually coming to the end of this challenge and I hope you have been thirsting more for the workings of the Holy Spirit in your life. Today we would be looking at the sixth fruit – Goodness. The greek word “agathosune” is goodness which means an uprightness of heart and life. I don’tContinue reading “DAY 8 – GOODNESS [a life full of virtue, wonderful]”

DAY 3 – LOVE [Unselfish concern for others]

Hello friends and welcome to Day 3 of this year’s prayer challenge. In the past two days we were introduced to who the Holy Spirit is and having established that, you may want to ask; do I have the Holy Spirit? If you are genuinely saved and have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord andContinue reading “DAY 3 – LOVE [Unselfish concern for others]”

DAY 2 – Understanding the Holy Spirit

Welcome to Day 2 of this prayer Challenge. Yesterday, we established that the Holy Spirit is a person. In fact, the third person in the God-Head. He is not a thing so we don’t address Him as ‘it.’ He is not just a feeling or a force like in the science fiction movies; or aContinue reading “DAY 2 – Understanding the Holy Spirit”

Beautiful Wife Prayer Challenge 2021 (Edition 6.0)

Hello friends, it’s Beautiful Wife Prayer Challenge 6.0! With gratitude in our hearts to God and our mouths filled with praise; we are so excited to host you in this year’s challenge. It’s been 6 years of praying and I am grateful to God for all the testimonies that I receive. It is to GodContinue reading “Beautiful Wife Prayer Challenge 2021 (Edition 6.0)”


There is a popular story about a young, successful couple who moved into their dream home. Shortly after moving, the wife started to complain to her husband each time he returned from work, that their neighbor always hung dirty laundry on the clothesline. It got to a point that she was so irritated and said,Continue reading “WHOSE LENS?”


I’ve been through some PHASES and JUNCTIONS in life where I am to take a decision, and it appears more easy and convenient to say NO. Many times, when I have to view with my ‘myopic lens’, the direction of ‘NO’ appears more attractive to me, than the direction of ‘YES’. But deep down inContinue reading “THE HARD, BUT BEST ‘YES’!”