DAY 4 – Knowledge and wisdom for my people

Everyone can be knowledgeable, but not everyone can be wise. You can be both wise and knowledgeable but you cannot be wise without being knowledgeable. In the past, we’ve had wisdom attributed to elderly people. But even from the Bible, we can see that wisdom is not measured in years or experience. We see aContinue reading “DAY 4 – Knowledge and wisdom for my people”

Christ followers and social media

As we go through the second half of 2022, there are a lot of things we must choose to do differently and social media is one of them. The times that we live in is just wonderful all together. Now we can have people say or write all sorts and post. To them, this givesContinue reading “Christ followers and social media”


I took a picture of both my son’s legs. They had exchanged one leg of their slippers.I looked at both of them, they had wide smiles on their faces. Wait. What if I teach you half of everything I know?Will I still have a smile on my face?Will I be happy I impacted your life?OrContinue reading “SAME, DIFFERENT; WHO CARES?”


One of the things that made my 2021 different was the study of the Bible with the Holy Spirit. Feel free to read about it here. After sharing this with you all last year, I was so excited to see so many show interest in the study of the Bible. The most beautiful thing aboutContinue reading “BIBLE STUDY SUPPORT GROUP IS LIVE”