DAY 6- PATIENCE [ability to tolerate or bear all situations]

I welcome us all to day 6 of the WIVES ON FIRE Prayer challenge. Today, we’ll be looking at the subject: PATIENCE. Now, what is PATIENCE? It is beyond waiting. It is what we do, and how we act while we wait. It is the capacity to remain calm and unperturbed even in the faceContinue reading “DAY 6- PATIENCE [ability to tolerate or bear all situations]”


Kike was a young lady who enjoyed chewing gums. So right from her undergraduate days, till when she graduated, and even started working, she was used to this act. Her colleagues were ALWAYS assured of finding gums in her handbag as she stored them there and had so much to even give out to anyoneContinue reading “THE DECAYING ‘TOOTH’!”


There is a popular story about a young, successful couple who moved into their dream home. Shortly after moving, the wife started to complain to her husband each time he returned from work, that their neighbor always hung dirty laundry on the clothesline. It got to a point that she was so irritated and said,Continue reading “WHOSE LENS?”

Are You Exhausted Too?

The Holy Spirit showed me a new twist on discouragement and exhaustion. Often we all experience fatigue in a way that reflects in our activities, hindering us from focusing, targeting, or achieving. This feeling is valid, but there’s more to it. I got to understand that exhaustion and discouragement can come cloaked, seeping gradually intoContinue reading “Are You Exhausted Too?”


After spending over 3 decades on earth, I can boldly say that I have had my fair share of life’s challenges. Different stages of growth have specially packaged and customized periods of test. At first, I would throw tantrums, fuss excessively and cry my heart out. At other times, I would look for who toContinue reading “LIFE CHALLENGES: STEPPING STONES OR CONCRETE WALLS?”


I’ve been through some PHASES and JUNCTIONS in life where I am to take a decision, and it appears more easy and convenient to say NO. Many times, when I have to view with my ‘myopic lens’, the direction of ‘NO’ appears more attractive to me, than the direction of ‘YES’. But deep down inContinue reading “THE HARD, BUT BEST ‘YES’!”


God is a master architect. Just take a look at yourself and tell me if anyone can create something as beautiful as you from absolutely nothing? You are a unique creation, albeit, with limitations. This limitation does not make God any less perfect, rather, it makes you realize that there is more to what youContinue reading “THE INNER EYE”

Lessons from the temptation – Part 1

What is temptation? It is the desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise. Google Have you ever wondered why it is when you are on a spiritual exercise that you are tempted the most or when there is a conviction in your heart regarding something that the temptation seems to be at theContinue reading “Lessons from the temptation – Part 1”