Prayer, as we all know in simple terms is talking to God. While it sounds simple and may look simple, it seem to be the hardest exercise for many. You often hear statements and questions like these. “What do I pray for? How often do I have to pray? I can’t find a quiet placeContinue reading “7 THINGS TO PRAY ABOUT EVERYDAY”


Happy New Year!!! Many of us begin each new year with resolutions, a long list of to-dos and all that but many a times, before the middle of the month of January, it looks like these resolutions have somehow developed legs and walked away. It’s okay to make resolutions, it’s okay to plan (I amContinue reading “A BEAUTIFUL 2020”

God’s Grace is not limited.

Do you know that sometimes, in our own little understanding, we can try to limit the Grace of God which has been made available to all? Growing up, there were some people I knew. I knew them so well that I almost didn’t believe they can change. The other day, one was referred to as PastorContinue reading “God’s Grace is not limited.”

#FromScriptures – Beautiful Life Lessons (Genesis 40:1 – 41:46 NCV)

This story is one I want to title, “In His Time.” Now there is a time for everything under heaven as recorded in Ecclesiates chapter 3. For everyone of us, there is also a “TIME.” Now while Joseph was in prison, two high ranking officials just so happened to offend their boss – Pharaoh –Continue reading “#FromScriptures – Beautiful Life Lessons (Genesis 40:1 – 41:46 NCV)”

As a Mom, it’s okay to make your own rules and follow them.

Do you know that look people give you when you tell them you haven’t done something that almost everyone has? Uhmmm…Yes!!! That one! I usually get those looks when ever I say my children don’t eat candy or don’t eat noodles. Or that I haven’t use seasoning cubes to cook in almost 8 years. OrContinue reading “As a Mom, it’s okay to make your own rules and follow them.”

When tempted/tried by another Christian believer.

Hello beautiful. It’s been a long time I posted here. Sometime ago I posted on my Instagram account that “One of the true tests of a Christian believer’s faith is when he/she is ‘tried’ by another Christian believer.” I said I was going to do a video but after several recordings and ending up deletingContinue reading “When tempted/tried by another Christian believer.”

5 Things to know as a CHRISTIAN employee.

Hello Beautiful and welcome to yet another read from me. While I was tempted to share with you from my personal experience, I decided that I would share that of my former colleague which I had drafted for quite a while now. At my former place of work, I had a colleague who was aContinue reading “5 Things to know as a CHRISTIAN employee.”

#BWPC – DAY 12

Welcome to the last day of this program. It has been an honor leading you all beautiful wives to pray for yourselves, your husbands and your children. We would be rounding up this Edition with prayers for health and preservation for our children. After which we will declare Isaiah 54 over our homes. Children interactContinue reading “#BWPC – DAY 12”