DAY 5 – Protection and preservation for my people

I don’t want anything to happen to any member of my family. Everyday I pray that their lives are secured in Christ with God. I’m sure you do this too. As a wife and mum, I want to grow old with my husband; and to be here for my children, grandchildren and by God’s graceContinue reading “DAY 5 – Protection and preservation for my people”


TOLUWA (as we fondly call you.) I remember our childhood days and how much we always looked like twins because you just kept growing taller and for a long time, we were the same height. Even more, we always wore the same cloths and the same styles. As much as I was older, there wasContinue reading “9/19 – TRIBUTE TO MY SISTER AND BEST FRIEND”


Hello beautiful, the time is upon us to challenge ourselves once again to 12 days of prayer for our spouses, children and ourselves. While the original inspiration behind this challenge was to pray for our husbands, we’ve gradually expanded our prayers to reach our children. You may say, “we fight all the time, we argueContinue reading “BEAUTIFUL WIFE PRAYER CHALLENGE”

Raising godly children

My number 1 goal as a Mom is to ensure my children know the Lord. “Why?” God in a person’s life is everything. Recently, I have been studying to get certified to become a children’s storybook writer and whilst at that, I have been engaging my beautiful children in exciting activities. One of which isContinue reading “Raising godly children”

Let him help you!

There is this mentality or would I call it a cultural belief that the woman is meant to do everything from cooking, to cleaning, to caring, to shopping, to training the children and so on. Now this post is directly addressing the women but hello guys, you can learn a lot from it and evenContinue reading “Let him help you!”

Does God’s Will mean, anything goes?

I’ve always been asked questions about God’s Will especially as it relates to marriage. Let me just say this before I proceed that the Will of God is applicable to every area of our lives. As I share on this topic, I will be open about my own relationship as well. God’s will regarding marriage,Continue reading “Does God’s Will mean, anything goes?”

#FromScriptures – Beautiful Life Lessons (Introduction)

The bible is more than just a book we read on Sunday or during church programs. It is one that holds within its pages, steps, guidelines, instructions, knowledge and great information. Like so many of you, growing up, we always had morning devotions. Sometimes, Dad would say we should share a lesson from the wholeContinue reading “#FromScriptures – Beautiful Life Lessons (Introduction)”