DAY 1 – Salvation for my people

How important is the salvation of your family members to you? The moment I got to know God for myself and was genuinely saved, I found myself praying for my entire family and friends. I wanted my parents to be genuinely saved even though Dad is a pastor, I still prayed for my father toContinue reading “DAY 1 – Salvation for my people”


Welcome to day nine of this prayer challenge. How has it been? Have you been praying? Did you at anytime feel as though, “why should I even be praying for him?” I want to encourage your heart by saying, “don’t stop praying. It will all end in praise.” There is a worldly mentality that, “allContinue reading “#BWPC: DAY NINE”

Raising godly children

My number 1 goal as a Mom is to ensure my children know the Lord. “Why?” God in a person’s life is everything. Recently, I have been studying to get certified to become a children’s storybook writer and whilst at that, I have been engaging my beautiful children in exciting activities. One of which isContinue reading “Raising godly children”

As a Mom, it’s okay to make your own rules and follow them.

Do you know that look people give you when you tell them you haven’t done something that almost everyone has? Uhmmm…Yes!!! That one! I usually get those looks when ever I say my children don’t eat candy or don’t eat noodles. Or that I haven’t use seasoning cubes to cook in almost 8 years. OrContinue reading “As a Mom, it’s okay to make your own rules and follow them.”