Day 6 – God-fearing spouses for our children

The future of our children, right from their early age till old age, is not something any mother should joke with. When our children have peace in all areas of their lives, and settled in life according to God’s will, we also will have peace. God has made us ‘caretakers’ over their lives, He hasContinue reading “Day 6 – God-fearing spouses for our children”

Christian Marriages: Are there still godly ones?

Social media has been buzzing over the weekend here in this part of the world, on the increasing cases of domestic violence in Christian marriages and the deafening silence or “war-room” response in most churches on this matter. As a result of this, several people have come to say that no godly marriage exist andContinue reading “Christian Marriages: Are there still godly ones?”

The POWER in Submission

Submission is a topic that has become very controversial in our present time because of the way it’s been used and applied. Before we even go further let’s know the meaning of Submission. It is, “the action of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person.” SubmittingContinue reading “The POWER in Submission”

#BWPC – DAY 12

Welcome to the last day of this program. It has been an honor leading you all beautiful wives to pray for yourselves, your husbands and your children. We would be rounding up this Edition with prayers for health and preservation for our children. After which we will declare Isaiah 54 over our homes. Children interactContinue reading “#BWPC – DAY 12”

#BWPC – DAY 11

Welcome to day eleven of the Beautiful Wives Prayer Challenge. Today we would be praying for our children’s success and prosperity. Every parent’s heart desire is that their children succeed and prosper. As much as we work hard, provide for all their needs and even look forward to leaving an inheritance for them, we doContinue reading “#BWPC – DAY 11”


Welcome to day day nine of Beautiful Wives Prayer Challenge. We spent the first four days praying for ourselves, the last four days for our husbands and today, we will be praying for our homes and our children. The next three days are for our children specifically. The theme for today is “Thanksgiving and Dedication.”Continue reading “#BWPC – DAY 9”


As I come to the end of these series, I got to thinking how unique every marriage is. The way my husband does his things are different from how another does and I as a wife must learn to recognize that. So also the husbands must learn to understand their wives and stop comparing withContinue reading “MARRIAGE: YOURS IS UNIQUE”

MARRIAGE: Prayer maintains it.

Welcome back to the marriage series I’ve been sharing on. If you are seeing this for the first time, feel free to start from Part one then go on to Part two and to Part three. My husband and I were great friends before walking down the aisle and it was so beautiful to seeContinue reading “MARRIAGE: Prayer maintains it.”