MARRIAGE: No Assembly Guide included.

Oh yeah!!! Welcome back. It looks like this subject on marriage is becoming a series. But who knows, I believe that so far it’s impressed in my heart to share, someone needs to read this. Marriage topics are not what I think I should talk or write about very often, as I am but aContinue reading “MARRIAGE: No Assembly Guide included.”


Today, I have decided to talk about a very sensitive topic – Marriage. I have tried my best not to say anything about this because, I am still a young wife and have a lot to learn on this lifetime journey. But hey, I’ll share it so that it won’t choke me. Hehehehe. Marriage isContinue reading “MARRIAGE: IT’S A 100% SHAREHOLDING VENTURE”

Day 14 – My beautiful Home

Praise the Lord. We have come to the last day of this prayer challenge. I can’t tell you how excited I am. The devil thought he could win but by the help of God, he didnt have a chance. Let the prayers for your spouses and for your marriage not end, even though the challengeContinue reading “Day 14 – My beautiful Home”

Day 13 – Understanding to flourish in the beautiful life

Welcome to Day 13. Thank you for praying for yourselves these past days. Thus far the Lord has brought us in this challenge. I want us today to position ourselves at our gates too. No matter how much our husbands guard our gates, we need to be alert, up and running too when they needContinue reading “Day 13 – Understanding to flourish in the beautiful life”

Day 12 – Taking my rightful position.

There is a belief that seems to settle well with many women, and it’s that it’s okay and absolutely fine for them to not work but keep spending. The original design of women before the fall of man was for us to assist our husbands. Yes man fell and that made God give man andContinue reading “Day 12 – Taking my rightful position.”

Day 11 – God’s idea of marriage

Welcome to Day 11. How has been praying for your husband’s been? I enjoy it and most importantly, I always see results. I hope you are enjoying it and one thing is sure, you will see results. We would be praying for ourselves as wives for the next three days and the last day forContinue reading “Day 11 – God’s idea of marriage”

Day 10 – Securing our gates.

Welcome to Day 10 of this challenge. A Christian family is like a house located within a fenced property. If you do not have someone by the gate to allow and disallow entry, anyone can come in whenever they feel like. With advanced technology, now you can remotely control gates to allow and disallow entry.Continue reading “Day 10 – Securing our gates.”

Day 9 – Permission to be inspired

Today we are praying about contentment. The urge to always have more and more and more has led many to a life of greed. Another reason is when one has had enjoyed the beauty of plenty and does not want to ever be in a position to ask for help. Another reason, simply put isContinue reading “Day 9 – Permission to be inspired”