DAY 1 – The Holy Spirit

Who is the Holy Spirit? – This question is one I hope you answered honestly and based on your understanding of who He is. No judgement whatsoever. The Holy Spirit is a Person Yes, He is. He is the third person in the God head. He is our promised Friend and Helper by Jesus andContinue reading “DAY 1 – The Holy Spirit”

Beautiful Wife Prayer Challenge 2021 (Edition 6.0)

Hello friends, it’s Beautiful Wife Prayer Challenge 6.0! With gratitude in our hearts to God and our mouths filled with praise; we are so excited to host you in this year’s challenge. It’s been 6 years of praying and I am grateful to God for all the testimonies that I receive. It is to GodContinue reading “Beautiful Wife Prayer Challenge 2021 (Edition 6.0)”

DAY 12 – THE FIRST FEMALE DEACON (Romans 16:1-2)

During the bible days, we know that women were not allowed to preach; rather, many of them served in other ways that didn’t have the “spot light” shining down on them. However, for Phebe, it was different as she was the first female leader in the church mentioned by Paul the Apostle. While she isContinue reading “DAY 12 – THE FIRST FEMALE DEACON (Romans 16:1-2)”


Yeey!!! Look who we have here. QUEEN ESTHER. I haven’t met any young girl yet who didn’t want to be like Esther. In fact, I know many ladies who were named Esther simply after the Biblical character. I love Esther. I just love her. The book of Esther is one book I read completely atContinue reading “DAY 8: THE JEWISH QUEEN OF A PERSIAN KING (Esther 1-10)”

DAY 7 – THE WOMEN BEHIND THE SCENE (Judges 13:2-14, Exodus 4:24-26)

There are so many women who work behind the scene in scriptures. While they are not main characters or have books in their name like Esther and Ruth, the part they played were too important not to mention. That’s why we have them mentioned in scriptures. These women, let me put it in modern dayContinue reading “DAY 7 – THE WOMEN BEHIND THE SCENE (Judges 13:2-14, Exodus 4:24-26)”

DAY 5 – THE BRAVE PRINCESS/AUNT, JEHOSHEBA (2 Kings 11:1-3, 2 Chronicles 22:10-12)

I don’t remember reading about Jehosheba ever. I may have but I never paid attention. As I read about her for this challenge, I was wowed at what a woman she was indeed. Even though she wasn’t talked about so much and is just mentioned within two verses of the scripture, she played a majorContinue reading “DAY 5 – THE BRAVE PRINCESS/AUNT, JEHOSHEBA (2 Kings 11:1-3, 2 Chronicles 22:10-12)”


As some of you know, my sister is Deborah and so the story of Deborah shouldn’t be new to me right? Ah Ahn! No. I have heard about Deborah being a judge in Israel. However, I had never taken my time to intentionally read up and study about her. Few months ago as I studiedContinue reading “DAY 4 – THE PROPHETESS AND JUDGE, DEBORAH (Judges 4 & 5)”


Yeeey!!! So I am very excited and just thankful to God. To think that it all started with me praying in private for my marriage, my husband and my home; I am beyond grateful to God. In 2016 (2 years after I began), seeing results and hearing of so many challenges wives go through, itContinue reading “BEAUTIFUL WIVES PRAYER CHALLENGE 5.0”