Welcome to day three. Today we will be praying regarding our health. As a wife and mom or mom-to-be, we operate at a high stress level. Funny enough, you don’t have to be a working mum to be stressed. Staying-at-home is even more stressful. Nine in Ten homes, feels it hard when mom is sick. ChildrenContinue reading “#BWPC – DAY 3”


Welcome to day two of this challenge. Today we would be thanking God for our homes and asking him to help us to build a beautiful marriage. Looking back to the start of the year, there is so much we can look on and be thankful to God for. They don’t have to be bigContinue reading “#BWPC – DAY 2”


Today we will be praying on Forgiveness and Submission. If you have come to this challenge hurt or having something you are still holding against your spouse, you will need to address it first. Well for others, maybe it’s not now but sometime in the year, you got unhappy with your spouse and you two didn’t properly settleContinue reading “#BWPC – DAY 1”


I remember so vividly how I found out that I could pray to God as regards my husband. It was the best miracle for me. I love it that my husband knows that I always pray for him and would always call on me to do so either for his personal life or work orContinue reading “BEAUTIFUL WIVES PRAYER CHALLENGE”

MARRIAGE: Prayer maintains it.

Welcome back to the marriage series I’ve been sharing on. If you are seeing this for the first time, feel free to start from Part one then go on to Part two and to Part three. My husband and I were great friends before walking down the aisle and it was so beautiful to seeContinue reading “MARRIAGE: Prayer maintains it.”


Happy New Year Beautiful! Wow. When was it that we said Happy New Year? Now it’s another New year again. We are thankful to God for Life and for his Love that keeps us. If you are reading this, I invite you to be thankful through January. As you write down those resolutions, resolve toContinue reading “2018: BE INTENTIONAL!”

Day 14 – My beautiful Home

Praise the Lord. We have come to the last day of this prayer challenge. I can’t tell you how excited I am. The devil thought he could win but by the help of God, he didnt have a chance. Let the prayers for your spouses and for your marriage not end, even though the challengeContinue reading “Day 14 – My beautiful Home”

Day 13 – Understanding to flourish in the beautiful life

Welcome to Day 13. Thank you for praying for yourselves these past days. Thus far the Lord has brought us in this challenge. I want us today to position ourselves at our gates too. No matter how much our husbands guard our gates, we need to be alert, up and running too when they needContinue reading “Day 13 – Understanding to flourish in the beautiful life”