Day 6 – God-fearing spouses for our children

The future of our children, right from their early age till old age, is not something any mother should joke with. When our children have peace in all areas of their lives, and settled in life according to God’s will, we also will have peace. God has made us ‘caretakers’ over their lives, He hasContinue reading “Day 6 – God-fearing spouses for our children”


Hey beautiful, congratulations on successfully completing this challenge with me. With all thanks to God and the Holy Spirit for directing me on what to pray about with you each day. Who knew that what was supposed to be a personal prayer exercise would one day become a challenge, you are happy to join in.Continue reading “#BWPC: DAY TWELVE”


Hello Beautiful, I congratulate you for praying with us from day one to day ten. Yes, it is day ten of the Beautiful Wife Prayer Challenge. Today, we touch everything we desire. We have a blank cheque today. So all those things on our mind to discuss with God, please let’s bring them all. NotContinue reading “#BWPC: DAY TEN”


Welcome to day nine of this prayer challenge. How has it been? Have you been praying? Did you at anytime feel as though, “why should I even be praying for him?” I want to encourage your heart by saying, “don’t stop praying. It will all end in praise.” There is a worldly mentality that, “allContinue reading “#BWPC: DAY NINE”


Welcome to day eight. Today we will be praying for ourselves specifically. I have observed that a lot of women don’t like to tell one another the truth. Many love to play the pretend game even in marriage. You will hear a woman who is passing through something and instead of calling her out onContinue reading “#BWPC: DAY EIGHT”


Hello beautiful and welcome to day seven. Every year, from January, I observe and take note of things happening in marriages around me. Some things I learn, somethings I cry about and somethings I wonder why. When I hear stories of happenings in some marriages, sometimes I don’t have an answer to give the wifeContinue reading “#BWPC: DAY SEVEN”


It’s day five here on the beautiful wife prayer challenge. Today we will be praying for a HEALTHY LONG LIFE. Personally, I pray about this as much as I pray for any other thing. Not just for long life, not just for health but for a long life that is healthy. I’m sure if IContinue reading “#BWPC: DAY FIVE”


Welcome to Day three of this prayer challenge. Today, I wanted us to pray about something totally different but God would have us pray about something else and that we would do. You see, when God created Man, God made everything man would need to survive first. Food, Water, Job and also a Home –Continue reading “#BWPC: DAY THREE”