New Day

Years come and go,
Your daily breath we drink.
Each year with all its troubles,
Your strength we have to scale through.

Months come and go,
Millions come and go as well.
Our eyes you always open
To behold yet another.

Days come and go,
Filled with hopes and dreams.
But some come and go
The next they can’t see.

Thankful for today we are,
Thankful for this month we are,
Thankful for this year we are,
Your goodness we are yet to fathom.

©Composed and written by Phebe Doyin-Olaniran

Author: Phebe

Phebe (Reju) Olaniran is the founder of Beautiful Life Corner. A christian blog she launched in 2013 to share about her journey but has grown to be a "blog-community" for other Christians to read all about the beautiful life. Phebe is a Christian full time Wife, Momma, Architect, Writer and Entrepreneur. Best described as an ever learning student who loves God and Family intimately. Aside all these, she is a big Foodie who loves to create healthy recipes and cook “yummy”-healthy-beautiful meals. Her heart desire is for everyone to discover, experience and flourish in the beautiful scenery of Life just as God designed.

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