The Wright brothers invented the first airplane, Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, phonograph and the motion picture. Henry Ford invented the Model T Ford, the first mass produced car, Leonardo Da Vinci was an inventor and artist from the renaissance, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.
The list goes on about those who have created and invented things in this world.

I was reading through the story of creation once again. I’ve read this story as a child, as a teenager and even as a young adult. The story is the same every time I read it. There was nothing, absolutely nothing on earth when it was created. Day after day Earth started to get into form and after each day’s creation, the Creator certified it not just okay but GOOD.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was barren with no form of life …God looked at what he had done and it was good… God made every one of them. Then he looked at what he had done, and it was good. Genesis 1:1-25 (CEV)

Buildings, lively and lovely landscapes are the major attributes of a beautiful city or community. When a Town Planner is called to plan a city, the architects to design and the builders to build, everyone sees him/herself as a creator in one way or the other. Oh the joy that floods our hearts when people look on what we’ve been able to create out of nothing and certifies it good or beautiful.

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Everyone of us are creators and inventors in one way or the other. God creates a new day for us, and we do the rest. We create that beautiful breakfast, the to-do list, the sumptuous lunch, a new relationship with that colleague, a new bank account, a new hairstyle, a new word, a new design, a new software, a new product and then a refreshing supper. After all the wonderful work of creation done, can we look back and call them good and beautiful? Can people call it good? All that God created, we call good till tomorrow. The daylight is good, the moon to light the night is good, the horizons, the sea, the animals are so good that we keep some as pets. If we were to keep what we created as pets, will we be happy to or will we regret that we created such?

What do you create?
Discord or accord?
Causes for hatred or reasons to love?
Encouraging words or despicable statements?
Friends or enemies?
Separation or unity among estranged persons?
Peace or war?

Most of the inventors earlier mentioned failed at first attempt, and they had second and third and fourth chances. We do as well, create something you and I can look back and say “THIS IS GOOD AND ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL.” Such that we drift off to sleep happy and fulfilled, looking forward to another day to call Good.

God bless you.

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