Day 4 – The book of remembrance is opened.

Today we would be going further in this challenge and this time around we would be opening a book of remembrance for our husbands. The story of Joseph is one that speaks to us. Joseph helped interpret the dreams of two fellow prisoners and he asked that he be remembered but alas he was forgotten. When his said time was come, he was remembered. And the position he got was higher than the man who didn’t remember him earlier. Position your husbands to be remembered and let the remembrance bring with it promotions.

Scriptural Thoughts: Genesis 40:12-41:44.

Prayer points

  • Prayer of thanksgiving.
  • My husband, I bring your case before the Lord and I ask that the Lord this day open a book of remembrance for you and bless you.
  • Just like Joseph was remembered by the cup bearer and connected to Pharaoh, I decree over you that even the little you have done is remembered and you are connected to those who God has planted on your way. When you look to the East, West, North and South; there you will find help even before you ask in Jesus Name.
  • Father, just like the case of Mordechai, I ask that you take sleep away from those who are to remember my husband this day. Take sleep from them Lord and let my husband’s name begin to ring like an alarm in their subconscious in the name of Jesus.
  • I send forth missiles of helpers to you my husband. I ask that they hit you from all sides. That man/woman who is to mention your name at that meeting or that man/woman who has to sign those documents for your recommendation will do and not hold back because today I decree that you are remembered.
  • Dear Lord, plant my husband where it is you have reserved for him. Let those who once said no or even forgot him begin to say yes and remember him.
  • My dear husband, you are getting to the highest heights, you are making new ways, you are leaving your prints in the sand of time because on this day, you are remembered by the Lord.

All these I have prayed and declared in the name of Jesus. Amen.

God bless you.

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