Healthy Lifestyle with Mrs. O’ : Introduction

Hello Beautiful(s),

How have you all been? Wow, you didn’t hear from me and you didn’t ask of me. *Sad Face* I have been so busy that I can’t even imagine how I am even awake posting this. I bless God for giving me yet another day with breath in my nostrils, a beating heart and an alert mind. Most of all I am thankful for the Trinity, I get my source from HIM.

Remember our motto for the year? INTENTIONAL! How intentional have you been so far? The fifth month is slowly winding up to give room for the sixth. If you haven’t been, it’s not late. Start today.

Today’s post is about taking charge of our body. It is a series that would run through June by God’s grace. Join the ride and let’s develop new habits that becomes a lifestyle. There would be interactive sessions on Facebook, do well to join the conversation.

Let me start by sharing a story with you all.

I always thought having pimples was a sign of being a big girl. When I was in 200L in University, I wished to have at least a pimple because I was tired of people wondering if I followed either my big Sis or Bro to school. Very funny right? I am short and then I do have a baby face, so you can imagine my frustration when I had to always say, “I am a student.” Then the next question becomes, “How old are you?” And before answering, another is asked, “When did you finish secondary school?”

Well, fast forward to when I now had pimples, it became so troubling for me as some could be tiny, yet so painful. I don’t wear makeup, so you will definitely see them. I have sensitive skin so using any facial products only made my face burn. *whispering* If you look through my wedding photos, you would see I had one or two pimple. *wide grin*

My boyfriend dearest (If you are new to my blog, first of all, Welcome!!! Thanks for visiting, please do subscribe and always visit. I am happily married and love to address my darling husband so) introduced me to smoothies, juicing and generally appreciating and eating of God’s blessing of nature’s produce. He even had and still often remind me its been long I had breakouts.

A healthy lifestyle has been attached to the rich and hence those who don’t see themselves as “rich” have chosen to neglect their health just because of this mindset. Mind you, I was just like that too but somehow, one way or the other, I had always loved my veggies perhaps, due to my creative spirit I always wanted to experiment in the kitchen, hence, I worked with what was always readily available and affordable.

You don’t need to be “rich” to have a healthy lifestyle, all you need is to be rich in your mind to work with what is readily available to you to achieve that.

While I don’t always know what the next month holds, till the end of the month, I am grateful to God who inspires me to pick on challenges that benefits and blesses me and my family and those who care to join.

June is tagged “GREEN JUNE.” We are intentional about our health and I invite you to join. What do you stand to loose? Weights, toxins, scruffy faces and lots more. Will it be easy? Absolutely NO. You have to work towards it because at some point, your head will disagree with your mind but then you have to realign your thoughts to see what your heart sees.


I’ve said it before and I say it again, God desires that we stay healthy and this can be linked to creation. Why did God put man in a garden? Why not on the plain field or in the waters or even in heaven? What do you find in a garden as beautiful as Eden? Mainly beautiful edible things grown from the ground or in the ground.

John the Evangelist in the second verse of his third epistle, speaks the mind of God to us. Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit.” (3 John 1:2 NLT)

So what do you think about a healthy lifestyle? It is very beautiful and also godly.

Until you read from me again on the next episode, do follow me on Instagram as I would be posting daily for accountability and sharing my recipes too when the challenge starts.

God bless you all and do have a beautiful weekend.

With Love.

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