DAY 12 – THE FIRST FEMALE DEACON (Romans 16:1-2)

During the bible days, we know that women were not allowed to preach; rather, many of them served in other ways that didn’t have the “spot light” shining down on them.

However, for Phebe, it was different as she was the first female leader in the church mentioned by Paul the Apostle. While she is only mentioned once in the Bible, it is important to note the role she played in the early church. She was known to be a benefactor to Paul and many other believers.

Her status wasn’t mentioned here, so I cannot tell if she was married or not at the time. What I can tell is that she was devoted to her service for God and mankind.

You do not have to be a Deacon like Phebe to be able to have such a beautiful impact in your family, in your local assembly, in your place work or your community. As a believer, Christ living in us is all we need to make such an impact.


Phebe’s live was exemplary. Her light shined brightly that the most respected and revered Apostle saw it and recognized the presence of God. Paul acknowledged her as someone who helped him and others. This means, she supported others to succeed.

1. Lord I pray that my light will shine so brightly to those around me, leading them to Christ and showing them the part of success.

Obviously Sister Phebe was selfless as scriptures recorded.

2. Lord, as you bless me, help me to fulfil my role as helper and provider in the lives of those you have put under my care in Jesus name.

Pride is something that can creep up on you unawares. Phebe was in a position which was mostly occupied by men at that time. This meant that she had to lead other people as well. Now I believe that she was humble enough to allow everyone reach out to her.

3. Lord as you assign to me leadership roles and responsibilities, I receive a contrite heart that does not give room for pride and I receive in abundance the grace to do my work humbly.

Paul recommended Phebe and he even went on to say they should ensure to provide whatever she needs.

4. Lord, I receive from heaven today, a letter of recognition and recommendation. Any place I enter and anyone I come in contact with will be drawn to assist and help me and even go on to ask others to help me.

Today, we read of Phebe because of the role she played in the early church which was too important not to mention.

5. Lord wherever I am planted, I receive the grace to carry out my duties wholeheartedly. I declare today that I am leaving my prints in the sands of time and I am remembered everywhere I go because Lord you will make me a channel of your your blessing.

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