DAY 4 – Prayers for Friendships

Friends play a key and important role in our lives as human beings. We see how important this type of relationship is even in scriptures. God called Abraham a friend. Jesus called his disciples friends too.

What stands out to me is that friends don’t hide things from each other. This we see demonstrated by God Himself when He said he couldn’t hide from his friend Abraham his plan to destroy Soddom and Gomorrah.

Our children’s friends can make them or destroy them. The influence they have in their lives is greater if not more than those we have over them. Knowing this should not scare us but lead us to a place of prayer for God to first of all make our children a friend of the Holy Spirit.

Song of the Day: Prayer For a Friend | Casting Crowns

Scriptural Meditation: Proverbs 22:24, 2 Timothy 2:20-21, Proverbs 16:17, Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, Proverbs 12:26, 1 Corinthians 15:33, Proverbs 13:20, Proverbs 18:24


Dear Lord, first and most importantly of all, I pray that [child/ren’s name] will develop a daily unbreakable bond of friendship with you. Remind [child/ren’s name] everyday that he/she has the Holy Spirit in them, the best friend of all.

  • Lord, you told us in your word that bad campany corrupts good character. I pray that you will put [child/ren’s name] in the company of good people. People who will not corrupt the good character you are helping me develop in them. I pray that wherever they find themselves, they are always in good company. If they find themselves in the company of one or two bad people, I pray that their good and godly chaacter will be a force of influence for good in Jesus Name.
  • Dear Lord, I order from Heaven, friends for [child/ren’s name] whose parents love you, fear you and are influencing their children in righteousness. I pray Lord that you will allow to cross paths with [child/ren’s name] children who will be of godly influence to them. I pray that the friends around [child/ren’s name] are those that when the need arises, offer godly advices to [child/ren’s name] in Jesus Name.
  • Lord, you said in your word that two people are better than one. I pray you bring atleast one friend into [child/ren’s name]’s life who can and will stand back-to-back, who will reach out and help in time of trouble. A friend who will pray with them, study the Bible with them and encourage them to grow in Christ, in Jesus Name.
  • Lord, I pray that [child/ren’s name] will be in the company of wise friends. You said in your word that if [child/ren’s name] walks with the wise, they would become wise. I pray that [child/ren’s name] will not be associated with foolish friends and he/she will not see trouble in Jesus Name.
  • Lord, I pray that [child/ren’s name] will not be caught up in friendship with an angry person. I pray [child/ren’s name] will cut ties with friends who are hot tempered and out of control. I pray that you will screen [child/ren’s name]’s friends and put a discomfort in them whenever they ae around friends that will cause them trouble, put them in trouble or influence them negatively in Jesus Name.
  • Lord, I pray that you will make [child/ren’s name] a true friend. In a company of friends, help [child/ren’s name] be a true and pure friend. One that is trusted, admirable, godly, honourable and respectable. I pray that whenever [child/ren’s name] is in a place, others, upon coming in contact with him/her will be influenced for good in Jesus Name.
  • Lord, make [child/ren’s name] a friend that doesn’t destroy but one who stickes closer than a brother. I pray that you will also bring into [child/ren’s name]’s life, a friend that sticks closer than a brother in Jesus name.

Thanks for joining in today, Let’s pray again tomorrow.

God bless you.

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